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Grappler's Retreat 2022 Day Four

"Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened."

-Dr. Seuss

My neck is sore, after learning chokes for three hours yesterday my trap muscles and neck have stiffened overnight. A few cuts line my knuckles and wrists. Elbows are scabbed up. Knees are red from mat burn. It has been a good time.

Today is Friday, which is crazy as that means this triip is almost over. I've met new people and seen a whole new world that is out there. Hopefully, travel and training will continue to be apart of my journeys. November will be a continuation of my "Fall of Grappling" as I will be going to BJJ Globetrotter's Arizona training camp which will be very different to this camp.

These high level grappler's have taught me a lot. What I love seeing is how passionate these people are about BJJ. They talk about sponsorships, tournaments, and travel. They've figured out how to make a living doing what they love. It is amazing.

When I go home, I need to slow down and focus on a few of my goals.

  • Flexibility

  • Training

  • Studying

Three things. Not bothering with anything else for the next three months. Don't focus on being the best, don't focus on my own or other's ego. Just enjoy the progress.

This trip has been such a mental cleanse for me.

Such a nice place.

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