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Gazing at the Moon while Spitting out Demons

I want to do a trillion things in this life.

  • Become a good Grappler/Wrestler

  • Compete in Fighting

  • Compete in Kung Fu Competitions.

  • Become a Master of Kung Fu

  • Learn the Naginata

  • Travel to Thailand, Japan, Kunming

  • Study in College in Germany

  • Open my own Martial Arts Gym

  • Learn about Photography/Video Editing

  • Hike one of the big trails in America

  • I'd like to be fluent in other Languages

    • Chinese, German, Thai or others

  • I'd like to learn an instrument or throat singing.

  • I'd like to do the splits


Okay, so maybe not a trillion but these are all the things I'd like to do. With enough faith I believe I can achieve all of these goals but it will take time, discipline, and dedication. Focusing on one goal each month or each year is what I need to do. Of course I can work on many of these things at once but I cannot work on all of them. So as I've been reflecting in my Monk Manual, I've learned about myself quite a lot.

  1. I waste a lot of time on things not related to goals

  2. I have no structure to help build habits to achieve my goals

These two problems are intertwined together as I believe if I had a structure, I wouldn't waste time. I need classes, teachers, and classmates to challenge me or teach me. To keep me accountable just so that I feel I have to do it. That way I only have one thing to worry about which is the self discipline of showing up to these classes.

Anyway, I'm just kinda lost as to what I'm doing now. I've got some tournaments and Summer Camps to go to but I'm not sure what's the point of going to them now.

-Johnny Fuger

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