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Frustrated Mind

"The first chakra is the Earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival, and is blocked by fear.

Next is the Water chakra. This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt.

Third is the Fire chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame.

The fourth chakra is located in the Heart. It deals with love and is blocked by grief.

The fifth in the chain is the Sound chakra, located in the throat. It deals with the truth, and is blocked by lies, the ones we tell ourselves.

The sixth pool of energy is the Light chakra, located in the center of the forehead. It deals with insight, and is blocked by illusion.

The final chakra is Thought chakra and is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment."

-Guru Pathik, Avatar the Last Airbender

Waking Myself Up

When I woke up this morning, I felt my schedule start to fall apart. I stayed in bed until 4:50 am and then went to work. Before getting to work I did manage to get gas and some breakfast which helped me feel better. I still want to prepare for the Sanda tournament and I still want to go to class.

Today's Choices

Daily Decisions

Today, I got a lot of paperwork done. My desk was finally clear of the piles that have been getting put on for days. Still haven't gotten any work done with the SSOP or SOP instructions. Besides that, I finally got home at my normal time although I feel bad about not writing those instructions. I know my colleague won't write them. Instead of writing this blog post at work, I stretched on my breaks. Keeping the splits as my main physical goal has opened my eyes to all the opportunities I have for stretching.

Yesterday, I actually didn't go to class. I ended up just following Shi Yan Lei's 500 Fighting Kicks workout. Modifying the pushups for Scap Push-Ups so that I can keep working on fixing my shoulder.

It's Hump Day

"You will enjoy doing something adventurous this coming weekend."

-Fortune Cookie from Dinner

This week has been going well as far as work is concerned. I'm still training on my own and running. There is nothing new I can do/learn that will help prepare me for the fight. Now I'm just staying conditioned and mentally preparing myself. This will let me know if I want to continue pursuing Sanda as a competition path. The rest of the week will be spent keeping weight and prepping for the fight. I am ready.

Reflecting Past Bed Time

A lot of my mind is still struggling with what I want to do with my life. Next year I'm making the change of going to Thailand. If that doesn't work out then I will come back and become a personal trainer of some kind. I really want to pursue Kung Fu as my career... some how. Become that martial arts, tea drinking, weight lifting, warrior monk guy.

All I know is I don't want to work factories anymore. I'm done.


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