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Focus and Breathing

What I've been doing in 2023

On what has transpired, what we've learned today, and what is going on within ourselves

The New Year has already come and gone. I've been pretty quiet about my activities for a bit and thought I'd give an update as to what is going on.

A few weeks ago I released a video discussing what my past two years have been like. I also teased at a big "change" that is coming. For those who haven't seen the video, the big change is that I have quit my job and am going to Thailand in February. I'm still working until February 24th as I train a new individual in my position and finish up some projects that they had given me. Also, it is my last chance to save up some final cash before I set off on this adventure.

That is what I've been doing at work, for my personal life I have been focusing on a few goals that I failed in 2022. Stretching and Meditating. My life is now determined by my daily, weekly, and monthly planners. If I don't get the goals accomplished then I write why. These planners have helped me be more mindful about what I'm spending my time doing each day. What I thought was impossible last year, is possible now. I did have to cut out some activities that ended up being not so important for me. MMA, BJJ, daily posts on the website, and a few smaller things.

This isn't to say that I don't enjoy these things, it is just that they are not as important to me now. Every month, I will reevaluate what is important to me and change my daily goals accordingly. Obviously, when I go to Thailand, MMA and BJJ will go back to the most important. Followed by studying Thai. This kind of approach has taken some of the self-imposed stress off my mind. Leaving me less tired and more focused on what really matters.

January's Third Week, Preparing for the Fourth

The third week of January was a pretty good week. I didn't work too much overtime, worked out with kettlebells, ran every day, and wasn't deterred by the goals that I slipped up on.

The fourth week of January will be a little tougher. I know I'll probably work more overtime which will make getting my goals done a little bit harder. Preparing my breakfasts and getting up early will be key for success next week. It is also my fourth week of a kettlebell program, which means it will be the hardest week before a de-load week. I can do it.

My Plans for This Month and Next Month

Live through our actions. Develop awareness, Purpose, and Focus.

This Weekend Plans

I've made it so that on the weekends, I can work on some smaller side projects and just relax. Two side projects that I have are my videos and this blog.

The plan for this year is to make videos throughout the year. This way, I can develop a system for making videos effectively. My goal in 2021 was to make online Kung Fu courses available for people to watch, purchase, and learn. That goal led to the creation of this better blog. Now I'm returning to the idea of creating videos that others can purchase. We will see what happens throughout the year.

The blog and Instagram are taking a big hit this year, as they are very low on my priorities. When I travel and learn something interesting, I will write. But there isn't the pressure to write everyday. Maybe in Thailand that will change... or maybe if I can return to China that will change.

We will see.

February Plans

The last few weeks of January will keep following the routine I have currently. Running 5 times a week, doing kettlebells 4 times a week, and stretching everyday. For February, I will still work on the same goals while working less and less. There will be a focus on getting ready to go to Thailand and trying to get a Chinese visa.

"The Plan"

If you've followed my blog long enough, you will know that there has always been this "plan". The plan to become a warrior monk, open a school, and then... roll credits. For a while in 2022, I really didn't want to write, talk, or think about my plan as I felt that it wasn't feasible. I wanted to give up (a post I originally took down but later put back up). What changed was my mindset and the actions that I took each day. Now the plan seems possible again.

All that being said, what is the plan now?

  1. See if I like Thailand

    1. If I like Thailand, I will go for a year or two. Training in Muay Thai, BJJ, Grappling, and traveling around. This is to develop the "Warrior/武" part of Warrior Monk. Hopefully I'll be able to fight and compete during my one-two years there.

  2. Go back to China

    1. Returning to China is big for me. I want to go to a Kung Fu school (Qufu or Tian Meng) and study for 2-3 years practicing Kung Fu.

    2. On my last year of training in China, I'd like to go to the real Shaolin Temple to train/live. If I could go sooner and stay longer, then I will. I'd also like to visit some places in China like Wudang Mountains, Gansu, Chengdu, and more.

    3. Maybe learn an instrument? Archery?

  3. Go Home?

    1. I can't imagine this far ahead but after all of that I'd go home. Maybe go back to Thailand for another year just to compete again. There are so many variables and things that could happen. We will see.

    2. Go to College? Going to college in Spain or in USA would be good to get my Sports Science stuff and learn Spanish. I've realized how important Spanish will be in the USA from working in the factory.

    3. Going Home and starting my Kung Fu school. Where? I'm not sure.


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