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Flying Time

For some reason my mind is preparing me to leave now... even though I still have twelve whole months of saving money left. I'm looking at travel backpacks, travel tripods, and thinking about what I want to learn at Shaolin. (Everything, obviously) I guess this is due to the fact that on the 19th my promotion becomes official. Which means I get paid more.

If I continue to work overtime, continue to save money, and continue investing. I would be able to surpass my original intentions. I could travel more, see more places, learn more, do more.

I'm happy just thinking about it.


As the first big snowfall of this winter arrives, I keep wondering if I've done good this year. Some of the goals that I set were met this year, like saving money, study personal training, and going to a tournament. Many others were not accomplished this year: getting into the splits, going to a fight, training every day, make my online courses, get bigger, get stronger and probably a few more. These "results" of all my actions show that in my "spirit", working hard to save money is the ultimate objective.

Actions are truth, and everything I've done shows what is truly important to me.

If I was a true martial artist, nothing would stop me from training. I'd train at work on breaks, after getting off work, on the weekends, or when I wake up. I don't know when my drive to train died but I certainly don't feel right without it.

Time is going by so fast, I feel like I waste a lot of it.


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