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First Days Training in Thailand

"If you keep your mind and body busy, you'll be around a long time.

-Walter Breuning

Preparing for the Day

As I get up from my bed on the third morning in Thailand, my mind is pretty foggy. My shoulders are sore from yesterday's class and my sun burnt face feels a bit tender. Starting something new is always hard, and getting back to training is proving to be difficult for my lazy mind. I'd rather just sleep and eat all day. There is work to do though, and classes to go to.

Did I Stick to my Goals?

What I did Yesterday

Surprisingly, I did most of my goals that I set for myself yesterday.

Go to Morning Muay Thai

I ended up going to Morning and Evening Muay Thai Beginner Classes.

Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Yesterday I tried out various foods. Breakfast Yogurt and Granola, real Pad Thai, and Khao Soi.

Pick up some snacks and tea for the Room.

This was the only goal that I didn't accomplish. I did go out and look at local 7-11's and other small shops. They carry some things but it is mostly snacks and instant noodles. A goal of mine is to try and eat healthy while I'm here. I'm guessing "Fighter's Street" isn't the best place to look for groceries. I did pick up some water, milk, and juices!

With the help of Martin (Marty), Mike, and a few other folks; I was able to pick up some electrolytes, fruit, and I've scouted out a few places to buy some supplements. Also saw a cool place to buy some clothes if needed.

Buy some 拖鞋 (Sandals)

This was accomplished! And I'm very happy that I did. Walking around in some flip flops is so much more comfortable than shoes. Less heat trapped in so you feel a little bit cooler.

"Food from various places around 'Fighter's Street'."

Shoot, It's Friday Already

As I write this, I have one more training session to go for the week. I'm planning on using the weekends to rest and explore. My mind hadn't even realized it was Friday until someone said so after class. Still have some cobwebs to shake loose after 30 hours of travel.

I'm really happy with how this trip is going. I've eaten good food and met great people. The stress of training is building up on me already. Shoulders are shot, pushups are hard, legs are wobbly, and my body is always sticky with a new layer of sweat. I don't think these two-three showers a day are helping at all.

Me, After first day of training.

"Third Shift Minnesota Boys affected me, I'm the only guy wearing a XXXL White T in training."

"What is Going on Within Ourselves"

Before in 2022, I used the Monk Manual for 6 months in order to see if it would help me. Little did I know, that book would change the way I write blog posts and how I journal. One of the questions the book asked often was, "What is going on within ourselves?". Here, I have noticed that I'm more aware about what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. Is it because I'm in Thailand? Probably not. I believe that it is a culmination of what I've learned over the past two years in Minnesota. My personal training course, the monk manual, all the books on meditation I read, my trip to Shaolin Temple Europe, and all the things I've learned about my body through work/training.

Now that I'm here, I'm easing into the training. Knowing when to push myself and when to take some breaths. Part of me thinks that is why "life" made me work two years. If I came here after one year of saving money, I don't think I would be ready for it. Mentally or Physically. (Shoot, I'm barely physically ready now!) Everything happens for a reason.

We can accomplish our goals, but the timing won't be on our side.


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03 mar 2023

Has it really been two years since you returned to Minnesota? It doesn’t seem that long to me but I’m sure it does to you!

i’m glad you are getting back into your training regiment.

Keep up the hard work and you will surely be rewarded!

Me gusta
04 mar 2023
Contestando a

Thank you! 📿

Me gusta

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