• Johnny

First Day as Lead


6:17 am

A beating heart.

Warm Legs.

Cold Toes.

My life goes on.

Despite the negative twenty degree temperature, my night was pretty good. My training as lead began and already I had to make some decisions. I'm just glad nothing went wrong today and I hope today goes just as well.

In my mind, I'm trying to calm down my thoughts. Each day they get a little better and better, but not like at Maling. I really would silence all thoughts, and when I'd let them come back. It would feel like a tidal wave coming down a hallway. Now, I usually quiet my thoughts for a few minutes at a time before they start creeping back in. A little bit of progress is better than no progress.


What will you throw at me?

The tired worker,



“If we want to obtain enlightenment... it is necessary to actualize wisdom and compassion. This is done by the practice of what are called the six paramitas, or 'transcendental actions.'" (Traleg Rinp