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Finally Home ~ 回家啦

"In my travels I've realized,

That no voice can compare

to the sound of a silent morning."


I'm home now. What do I do?


My whole purpose for going to the Shaolin Summer Camp was to get away from work and to see if I still wanted to pursue this whole "warrior monk" plan. Do I?

Yes, yes I do. A thousand times more, yes. This trip helped validate many of my actions and helped me see what I was doing wrong as well. I'm doing well in my training. I'm doing well in my work. The thing I need to do is focus a little more in the present moment. Accomplish one goal before moving on to the next.

So where to now?

After the trip, I am now more clearly able to prioritize my schedule.

📿Travels, this is the most important as it is what I want to do in my life.

📿Work is important as it has given me the funds needed to travel and train.

📿Training is important. Going to class 3-4 times a week is okay.

📿Photos/Website, on this trip I realized how much I enjoy writing and documenting my journey. I will do this more in my normal life.

📿Language Learning, while in Germany I felt helpless that I knew only a few words. I will continue to study but it is not a high priority.

My next travel will be to Maryland for the 2022 Kuo Shu Tournament. Which means I'll need to work to have money for the flights, train in Tong Bei Quan and Feng Mo Gun, and take my camera to capture my travel!


Hope you'll join me on my journey.


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