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Fasting Friday

Photo by Miao Zheng of Shaolin Temple Europe

Fasting and Doctor Visit

No insights today. Just tired and hungry from the 12 hour fast that I had to do. Today, I went to the doctor in order to prepare some medical paperwork for the Kuo Shu tournament. If all goes well, I will be able to fight and perform. This time, I'm not letting anything get in my way of going to this fight. Not late paperwork, not injury, and my insecurity. I'm not sure if I'm a fighter but now is the time to prove it.

One discussion that was had at the temple was about something I've written about many times before. The ups and downs of life. For me I've definitely realized that these highs and lows come in small ways like throughout the day and in large ways like "low" periods of a year. Shi Heng Yi talked about this how eventually people will realize that no matter what we do or pursue, these ups and downs exist. That its all the same.

Middle Way

Buddhism, according to Shi Heng Yi, tries to stay on the "Middle Path" which is a way of avoiding the extremes. You don't avoid the highs and lows. When the highs and lows come they do not effect you. To develop this middle path you have to discover your "stable point" as Shi Heng Yi said. This stable point is the you that is unchanging or unwavering through the highs and lows. That is how I understand it.

When talking with one of the disciples at the temple, he gave his two cents about why the simple life at the temple was great. One of the reasons was being able to develop understanding, discipline, and detachment to wants. Being attached to the highs of life is one reason that people suffer so much on the lows.

Shi Heng Yi gave an example of this middle path/stable point. Someone gives you a gift, you are still happy, grateful, and accept the gift but you don't become attached to the emotions or gift. The feelings simply come and then go as you return to your middle way.

I'm not sure how well my "middle path" is, but I've definitely realized the highs and lows of life.

Have a good weekend,


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