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Fall is Here

Mushroom Powders.

Green Powders.

Protein Powders.

"Get our protein from powder, feed my whole team"

-E Dubble, "Hip Hop is Good"


Fall is definitely here, and with that the tress and weather change. Not much has changed with me though. Still working 9-5, 7 days a week, going to physical therapy, training 2-3 times a week for 2 hours each time. I'm trying to take care of myself by getting more nutrients in my diet. Sleep is still a rarity for me as 6 hours of sleep is a blessing. Even the personal trainer says it sounds like I don't have a social life.

But who needs one, eh?

I'm grinding for cash and training for the future. One thing I did start recently was learning Thai. I thought since I'm going to Thailand in the future, I might as well learn the language so I don't get scammed. If I'm able to learn some, maybe I'll get better training with the coaches or be able to eat some better food!

For now I'm not even learning words, just "letters" and how to pronounce them. I think by the end of October I can start studying words but until then... pronunciation.

My short term plans are:

  • finish my last two personal trainer classes

  • to save money to start a savings account by December

  • switch to evening MMA/BJJ classes

  • December/January begin German Volume Training

  • prepare for Summer Kung Fu/Sanda Tournaments

  • Once books arrive, study HSK 3/4

  • Keep Studying Thai

It is obvious now that my single goal is to head to Thailand and Kunming to train. Instead of looking so far into the future, I'm seeing what I can do now to improve myself. The tournaments (hopefully 3-4) will give me something to train for. That is really what all of these goals are for, is to keep fueling my motivation. The fatigue is really setting in but my mind has been able to push through it and get rid of some bad habits in the process.

Today, I didn't go to class because I needed to rest. This let me study a little extra today, Friday will be another chance to train.

Care for yourself, break those bad habits, don't be afraid of challenge or change.

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