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End of Thanksgiving Weekend

"The five colors blind our eyes.

The five tones deafen our ears.

The five flavors confuse our taste.

Racing and hunting madden our minds.

Possessing rare treasures brings about harmful behavior.

Therefore the sage acts from his gut, and not from his eyes.

He lets go of that and chooses this."

Preparing for the Tournament

Sunday means the end of my long Thanksgiving weekend. It is also the final week of preparation for my Sanda Fight in Arizona. That will be my main focus, just sharpening my skills before the fight.

Planning my Actions

What I've Done Today

Today I've been focused on my goals. I've been able to run a few miles and take a walk with my dad through the trail near our home. I also stretched and followed Shi Yan Lei's 600 Kick Workout, which has been my Sanda training over the holiday weekend. At the end of my workout I worked on my neck by using some exercises from this Sanda video. I finished off my evening with some ATG exercises to, "put money in the bank" towards strengthening my knees.

Plans for the New Week

This week's focus is Sanda training. I'd like to go to class each day from Monday till Thursday. Try not to work so long but if I do work long, make sure I have my workout gear in my car so that I can go from work to training.

Plans for December

As November comes to a close, thoughts about what I want to accomplish in December begin to creep in. I've started my new side split training program from FitnessFAQs and already have gifts bought for my friends and family. Usually in the winter I focus on getting large amounts of overtime in. This winter I'd like to do something else.

Reflecting on Last Week

As the new week begins, I realize that the first half of last week went by in a blur. I'm not sure what my time was spent doing. The only thing I remember is I worked late every day and came home very tired. That isn't very mindful of me. Since I have an actual goal for this week, hopefully I can develop more focus and mindfulness.

As for the second half of this week, I've worked out each day with Shi Yan Lei's videos and have gone on a couple runs in order to keep my weight down for the fight. What I hope to accomplish through my training now is to improve my split ability, neck and shoulder strength as well as strengthening my knees.


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