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Discipline, what have I become?

1/21/2022 3:53 am

My room is clean but my desk is unorganized. Unpainted miniatures lay scattered between the various pens and pencils that cover my desk. Sitting behind my laptop between two bookends are a collection of various martial art and religion books. A top the pile of wisdom sits my camera. Little Buddhas and monks are scattered around the table, hiding themselves behind lamps, bottles, and cups. A tired me, sits upon a camping stool, typing away.

It has been eleven days since I've started studying German vocabulary in tandem with my Chinese HSK studies. Both languages keep me intrigued and happy, I just hope I'm able to use them in the future. Training is also slowly creeping back into my daily routine. BJJ three times a week with the occasional stretching session or kettle bell session. It is not the intensity that I'm used to (or like) but it still scratches that itch.

Why Two Languages?

The reason for adding German is to help me prepare for traveling there. Either for university (in the far future) or for Shaolin Temple Europe. As I've mentioned before, I hope to start HSK 4 within this year.

Studying two languages also gives me a better mental challenge that my work or training doesn't give me.

Even though I started to study Thai towards the end of 2021, I realized it isn't that important to me... yet. I still plan to go to Thailand for Muay Thai training and I thought, why not find a language school there that works with my training schedule? I could study German and Thai while in Thailand for the potential year.

Other Progress

Besides becoming more focused on my studies, I've made some progress financially as well. I've saved a good chunk of money within my first 12 months of being in Minnesota. If I keep saving like I have been, I will definitely have enough cash to explore the world the way I want.

I've also been trying to pray, meditate, and be more mindful throughout the day. With the help of the books that I got on Christmas, this has helped the struggle of being at work for so many days. Work is never ending, and you can always find other work.

The last bit of progress has been on my website. I paid for a few years of premium, so my site looks a bit more professional now. I've also added the new "Travels" section. This gives more insight into my travels and is a place to put a lot of my photos. I know most of the photos are not professional or edited, but to me, they hold memories for me. I hope they inspire you to go on your own adventures as well!

Besides that, my work weekend starts anew.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

The studying traveler,


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