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Cravings Cause "Dukkha"

"Human beings are subject to desires and cravings, but even when we are able to satisfy these desires, the satisfaction is only temporary. Pleasure does not last; or if it does, it becomes monotonous."

-First Noble Truth

"Dukkha is commonly translated as suffering, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or stress."








Sometimes it is hard for me to just enjoy my time at home.

I feel pulled by many things, some days I want my girlfriend (but she is in Shanghai), other days I want to go to the Kung Fu School (but I don't have money), while other days I just want to train. There is no reason for me to be melancholy but I feel it due to the fact that I'm unsure about where to go from here.

Now that I have a job that I have to stay at for a while, what else should I fill my time with?

That is where Thinking Body, Dancing Mind has been helping me. Today, it talked about centering yourself which is exactly what I need to do. Every small thing has been able to throw me off center, which throws me to the wolves. I know what a good day feels like to me, I just need to "center" and get back to that.

Short and simple.

Hope you're having a good week.

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