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Awake in the Night

"In fact, for all things there is a time for going ahead and following behind.

A time for slow breathing and a time for fast breathing

A time to grow up in strength and a time to decay

A time to be up, and a time to be down"

-Tao Teh Ching, Lao Tzu translated by John C.H. Wu

An Odd Awakening

Tuesday started with me waking up at 12:50 am, wide awake. This time not from a nightmare. Dragging my body out of bed, I drank some water, looked at myself in the mirror, and returned to the comforts of my blankets. Only to wake up again at 4:30 am to my alarm, eyes heavy, body not wanting to move. I should've stayed awake.

Another Day of Work

Staying Focused

Today, I'd like to get my work done during the normal hours then head to practice. Keeping this blog going and keeping my sleep schedule intact seem to be the structure I need to be productive. It only took me two years in Minnesota to figure this out.


While driving home from MMA "practice" I realized I don't have much patience. After work I had gotten home at 5:20 pm and then decided I could still make it to class. I quickly grabbed my gloves and shin guards then headed onward to the MMA Gym known as ATT Savage. Little did I know, that when I arrived at 6:00 pm I was in between classes. BJJ started at 6:30 and the current class was well on its way. So, I just worked by myself on the heavy bag until 7:00 pm.

Many "could've, should've, would've" thoughts pour into my head but those are unnecessary. At least I practiced. Hopefully it is enough to be ready for the Sanda Tournament.


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