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Arrived in Maryland

Chemical burns.

Short flights.

Hair cut.

Good rest.


After leaving work in a dash.

Landing to North Carolina groggy.

I've finally made it to Maryland.

The first thing that came across my mind was, What is different? It is certainly warm here and the landscape is beautiful. Loads of greenery topping small rolling hills. I know I missed most of the day but I managed to film some small shots and even practice my form.

I fell asleep early on Friday (missing the showing of The Paper Tigers) but woke up feeling productive. I've already edited the first half of my video, made some changes to the site, and look! I'm writing a blog post.

Now that I'm here and I'm actually getting close to competing, my mindset is different. There is a little nervousness but I realize how much work I've been putting off, not just my Kung Fu training. The website, my CPT studies, my Mandarin, and parts of my training. Qi Gong. Stretching. Meditation. I'm not going to start that here as right now I need to focus on the tournament but it will be a priority when I get back to Minnesota.

I'd like to thank JD for the photos he found of us all practicing "Yoga" at the academy.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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