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Another Weekend, Some Quotes

"I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy; we fought ourselves. And the enemy... was in us."

-Chris Taylor, Platoon

As the weekends normally do, it left me with a lot of reflection.

Perhaps too much.


I spent my Thursday night/ Friday morning working hard at the factory, working without rest. The staff shortages are making work hard for everyone as people just don't show up. On top of the inconsistent work force, many of the guys are switching shifts. Weekend guys are working weeks, many guys are working extra hours. All while the orders keep coming in giving us endless pressure. Most of the workers are getting lax due to the holidays or due to being over worked.

So why is this important?

Well, it occurred to me during my reflections that as long as there is work; progress will be made towards my goal. It seems that I will reach my goal after another year of hard work. If I put in a little extra work next year I will exceed my goal. This constant work is something that I require. It fuels me and keeps me away from my bad habits.

Work is apart of my "Support Network". My family and friends are another part of that network. They keep me busy, focusing on things that are not myself. While in China the teachers at Maling filled this position and Kung Fu was my "work". In a way I'm not really that independent of a person. I rely on others for support, a lot of it, in order to keep me on track. If left to my own, I'm not sure how well I'd do.

Studies Continue...

Besides my reflections on independence, I am still studying Thai, Chinese, and Photography. I've started on HSK 3 as a review before I move on to HSK 4. My plan is to finish HSK3 and 4 by 2023. As for Thai? I'm just studying so that I can get the basics down, say some phrases. If I'm able to go to Thailand like I've planned I will find a Thai language school near Tiger Muay Thai so that I can attend classes and train at the same time.

Photography is simply focusing on learning all the new gear that I have. To do that, I need to take more pictures.

That's enough from me for today.

Ramblings from the stationary traveller,


"When I sit alone Come get a little known But I need more than myself this time


The more I see, the less I know

The more I like to let it go"

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