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Am I Okay?

Over the weekend at work, I had three people ask me if I was okay. I was just tired. My eyes burned, muscles were sore, and my mind was trying to go through the exercises that were in the books I've been reading recently. The small changes I've been making everyday are adding up. So, I'm happy to finally have gotten some rest.

Last week was the first four day weekend I've taken since starting the job as a team lead for the weekend crew. This week, I'll get a three day weekend due to the boiler being out at our factory. The money that I'm getting from the overtime is great but it really is taking away from my other hobbies, like martial arts and this website.

With January and February being full of overtime and work, it seems that March and April are going to be focused on martial arts.

I wish to start training two hours a day again in prep for the tournaments in the summer. Even though I'm not training Kung Fu, it still is Kung Fu. Getting better at Kickboxing and BJJ will give me a better appreciation for Kung Fu later on in my journey. Because, let us be honest, it all is connected.

It was while reading Complete Enlightenment that I thought about how it is all connected. To be this "warrior monk", I don't have to live in a temple and train Kung Fu. I want to. But don't have to. I can study, train, and learn by myself with what I have just like I did in Wisconsin. By doing this, I will arrive at the temple/school a better prepared student. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a unique understanding of what I practice by pursing it in this way.

Other than that, I'm just tired and hopeful.


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