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Always Thinking of the Future

The weather has been beautiful recently.

My hernia is healing.

And I'm beginning to get rid of my old belongings.

I guess spring cleaning really is a thing.


During this slow week of work I had a lot of time to think about what I want to do to help speed up my process of going back to China. One small project I have going on is going through my old things then, either tossing them in the garbage or putting them on eBay to sell. Most things are going into the garbage. I am giving old clothes to Goodwill... and there are a lot. It has been really easy for me to get rid a lot because I hadn't seen it in a year so, what was the point in keeping it? Plus, my future plans are to travel. I cannot be lugging around loads of junk with me so I have to develop a more minimalist life style.

Man, do I hate using that term. That term now has a bunch of "luggage" with it but it is the most fitting term for this belief. I'm trying to hold on to what I need and a little bit of what I want. Getting rid of old items also will be easier on my parents (who kindly have been storing my stuff in their garage). My goal is to leave as few things as possible so to not burden them if they have to move or want to do something with the garage.

On top of cleaning, I've started doing research into an idea I had at work. What if, after I'm done training Kung Fu in China, I try to join a college Wushu team? Maybe I could get a scholarship? It's a possibility. Maybe I could test out of some HSK levels and get a scholarship through my language knowledge? While in college I could study Kinesiology and Philosophy but even as I study, I know the main goal is to open up my own martial art school.

Developing minimalism. Going with the highs and lows. Healing.

That's my week.


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