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Actions Move You Forward

"Adherence to the past and misgivings about the future will fill your head, wresting your mind from the present."

-A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind,

Shoukei Matsumoto

Plans, Plans, Plans

I remember when I was first in Shanghai training at Absolute MMA. There was this girl whose job was to compete in BJJ all around the world. Mostly Asia if I remember correctly. After classes she'd always be on her laptop sending out emails and planning for trips months in advance. Martial arts isn't my job yet, but I now understand why she was constantly working on plans.


For me, I have a few plans that I have to work on this weekend. The closest one is my girlfriend coming to visit me again. Just figuring out how I'm going to train, and seeing what kind of things we can do in Phuket.

Shanghai and Chiang Mai

The next thing is, Shanghai. I'm wanting to train while I'm there so I've been looking around at gyms for the week that I'll be there. When I return to Thailand, I'll be going directly to Chiang Mai. Again, looking at gyms and accommodation in the area there. I've heard, from many folks, about a bunch of cool locations that I should check out. It seems that Chiang Mai will be less about training and more about checking off boxes for places to see.

Bangkok and the Road Home

Bangkok is the last place on the list, as I'll be spending about a week there before heading home. Besides possibly meeting some folks from the Kung Fu School, I think I'll end my trip in Thailand with a training filled week in Bangkok. From what Duncan (a student at Tiger Muay Thai) said, the training is a bit more intense. That should help me sleep on the plane home!


Believe it or not, I already have plans for what I'm going to do during my 3-4 month stint back home. Compete in the Tough Mudder with my family. Visit my sister. Get a temporary job. Join a Judo/BJJ school to work on my grappling. Upgrade some of my gear. Maybe do a couple of short hikes. That's about it.

Action and Relaxation


...flew by like a rocket for me. I honestly feel like I didn't do anything. Probably because I didn't really do much besides think. Originally, I planned to go to do the beach training. After watching the fights last night and then going to bed at 2 AM. My body didn't feel like it. The weekend is a time to rest and recover. Study. Play. Do whatever it is that relaxes your mind. The break from training is nice. My evening will be full of working on videos and editing some photos (like the ones used for this blog post).


...will be more structured. I plan on going to a book store in Phuket town and picking up some books on Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong, or just Thai History. I also plan on buying some sun glasses and a shoulder sling pouch/bag. The glasses are for when I'm driving the scooter. The shoulder slung bag is for me to carry my money, keys, and passport in a safer way. I've learned that a drawstring bag or backpack isn't the most convenient method.

Reflecting on Ikigai

If you remember from my past post, I read a book explaining what ikigai is. To put it simply, it is your life's purpose. The thing that brings you joy, or the thing that wakes you up in the morning. I'm still not sure what mine is. I'm not sure if I ever will know. Something about this website, my videos, and training makes me feel whole. Maybe I'm on the right path because at the end of the day, I just want to be a good person to others and happy myself.

Winning belts or competitions rarely crosses my mind, and it doesn't motivate me. Maybe I've read too many philosophy quotes, but what motivates me is improving myself. Being better than I was yesterday. Understanding my weaknesses, then working on them.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I know people don't read blogs anymore, but I put a lot of time into what I write, the format, and images used.

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