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A Lot Of Work Ahead

"You're a hard worker, I saw that day one."


As my laundry dries, I thought I'd write a post detailing what the next few months should look like.

My job is running short on people so they're allowing me to put in some overtime if I want to. Since I found out that in the summer there will be two tournaments and two kung fu summer camps, I'll need the extra money. What this means is that February to May I'll be busy with work. This doesn't mean I'm stopping my other tasks, I'm still studying German and Chinese, still practicing BJJ twice a week and (now) I'm practicing a little bit of Kung Fu. Not too much to hurt myself, usually just 30-40 minutes.

The tournaments and camps I plan on going to are:

Tangled Mind

All of this activity certainly doesn't help my tangled mind. I'm learning to enjoy my days no matter what conditions are thrown at me. Taking a few minutes here and there to relax helps me realize how enjoyable simple things like work and drinking water are. With all of the changes I've made to my routine, breathing has to be the easiest but most helpful change.

I think about before where I was sick, injured and burnt out from work. There were many things wrong. Diet and rest were the two biggest ones. Now, I nourish my body to keep it strong and well. I rest when needed, even during work. Five to ten minutes of just breathing, done throughout the day, really helps flush your mind of "junk". A prayer said before meals to boost the spirit. All of it, helps. All of these habits also rely on a mindfulness of yourself.

I'm not quite sure how I've developed my small awareness of myself, but there are many books out there to help you. One thing is for sure, it takes effort. Everything does.

So that is what I'm doing to help my mind be less tangled up in thoughts, but why am I still struggling? Because of the uncertainty of where my next journey is...

...I have ideas of where I want to go, I'm saving money, building up my skills, and more. But I have no clue of where I'm going to go. As last Summer showed, plans are never concrete.

Just have to relax and make the most of every day.

-Johnny Fuger, the tired worker.

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