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A Change in Plans

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Person wearing mask in China
Good Photo taken by friend JD

A hard day of OT.

Burning Sinuses.


Sick for days.


So, there has been a change in plans. Originally I was supposed to head to Vegas for the ICMAC tournament but ever since Friday I've been feeling like garbage. So I quarantined inside my room to see if I had symptoms of Covid. Monday came, I had a cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, body aches, and just general tiredness. My throat was so destroyed that i couldn't eat. It was decided I had to go for another Covid test.

A day of exhaustion went by.

The test came back negative but I still felt like garbage. Low energy. Dizzy. Rough Coughing. My job has been nice and hasn't gotten mad at me for not going to work. They told me to get better then come back, which is nice compared to my previous jobs.

It is crazy to think 4, almost 5, days have gone by due to this "Cold". Meaning I've had a lot of time to think about how I had gotten here. Something in my "balance" is out of wack. I think it is I work too much. Not only at my job but at the gym too. Putting almost 100 hours of work in every two weeks on top of 2-3 hours of training a day is tough. This means I'm sacrificing the greatest medicine ever, sleep.

Just like in my personal training classes, they said sickness or injury is a sign something isn't right. Nutrition, Recovery, Rest, or Technique might be off. For me, the first three are what is off. I've neglected Qi Gong, Meditation, and study for a while now. I think its time to add that back in the mix.

Pushing myself too hard, who would've thought?

I'm just glad I have the energy to write a post today.

Hope your day is better than mine.

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