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24th Birthday

"Thank you to my friends and family for the Birthday wishes and Gifts."

Staying Up Late...

You know, I usually do a thing at New Years where I write my thoughts that occur to me at Midnight. But I didn't. Now, my Birthday comes to an end and I feel a bit odd. A whole year has passed. My last Birthday left me feeling very hopeful for the future. As I sit in my cold room typing away, I just feel kinda sad and I don't know why.

Maybe it is because for the past two weeks my thoughts have been simply asking life to slow down. As I become more aware of how I spend each day, I realize how quickly it goes. I'm not regretting what I should've, could've, or would've done for past decisions. My eyes have simply been opened to how fast time is passing.

Life really hasn't been that bad in Minnesota after all. I've worked hard and found happiness in spending time with my family. Through work and personal relationships, I've learned a lot about myself an

d others. Through these experiences I've been able to hone in on what the bigger purpose or meaning of this "plan" is.

With all that I've learned, I see that I'm still stuck in the same cycle. Look at the past blogs and you can see it. Work hard, save money, go play. During my next adventure, I will have to figure out how to work. That way, a different cycle will begin. I'm really going to have to push myself on this next adventure.

Preparation for the Week

Staying up late writing a blog post really isn't the best way to prepare my body for the week. It certainly eases the heart and mind though. This week I plan on releasing another video, training with kettlebells, and continuing to stretch each day.

Ya know what? I'll have one more goal... not to work OT this week. That would be nice.


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