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2022 - Year of the Water Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Birthday Me.

Birthday - Once a Rabbit, Now an Earth Tiger

I remember going out to eat with my family when we were little to a place called "Hong Kong Buffet". There were scrolls and various other Chinese decorations all about. The cheap booths and tables were all around the central buffet area. Of course, we always got a booth. We'd all grab our plates and begin choosing what food we wanted, rice, crab rane goon, general tsao's chicken, kung pao chicken, lo mein and more. After returning to the table, we'd place our plates on the cheap paper place mats. After praying, we'd eat and talk. One topic that was always talked about here was "What zodiac are you?". Then we'd all look at those cheap paper place mats which were decorated with the Chinese Zodiac. I'd look up my year, and every time, I'd be a rabbit. 1999.

Fast forward some, to 2019/2020, when I discover that I'm not a rabbit at all. The zodiac says that, I'm a tiger. An earth tiger at that. Very different personalities, a tiger and a rabbit, but they do have their similarities. Even though I don't take the zodiac too seriously, it is interesting to see the correlations between reality and prediction. I think both depictions of myself are accurate. A timid, gentle, shy rabbit sometimes, while other times a proud, adventurous tiger.

But now, New Year has passed and the Lunar New Year begins. It is supposed to be "my" year. With struggles in my career, health, and love. Last year had all of these challenges as well. Let's see if I can conquer this year!

Future Adventures

As always, I'm thinking of what I want to do and how to get there. Even more so as I hear from old friends and coworkers about the situations that they are in. Depression, debt, loneliness, relationship issues, drug issues, and more. To not use this motivation I have, the drive that I've been blessed with, certainly would be a waste. So what is the next adventure looking like?

If the situation allows I would like to:

  • Go to Thailand for a Year, Train at Tiger Muay Thai and find a language school. I'd like to visit temples and experience the culture there.

After that, the plan relies on the governments of other countries.

  • Kunming Shaolin Temple is where I'd like to go after Thailand. This would be the big 3-4 year trip in order to earn my Certificates for Wushu. OR, I will try to go to Shaolin Temple Europe for two years. I would have to fill out an application and do an interview, with the hope of getting accepted.

The best scenario? I'd go to both! These three locations are the building blocks of my plan. I want to go there so I can learn and experience what I want to. In my mind, I've finally separated all the other places into smaller adventures.

  • Henan Shaolin Temple

  • Qufu Kung Fu School

  • Yun Tai Kung Fu School

  • Chiang Mai Tiger Muay Thai

  • Another Visit to Maling Kung Fu School

  • Wudang Mountains

  • Japan

These are all places that I was considering to be the bigger adventure spots. After many months of thinking, comparing, and reflecting. I figured out what places would give me what I wanted. Narrowing it down to these few locations also helps me plan better.

After the many years of Kung Fu training, I plan on going to College in Germany. For what? I'm not certain yet, maybe Sports Science Major with a minor in Computer Science.

Some Thanks

I have to wish my Mom a happy birthday again, I hope she had a good one. I also want to say thank you to my parents. Thank you for letting me live in this home while I work towards this goal of mine. Thanks for all the guidance you've given me, and thanks for the home, food, and love. I would like to thank my sister too, without her help early on I would have never made it to Maling. Thank you for letting me live with you and your growing family. I know you're going to do well, and you're a wonderful mom to your kids.

January is over. My Birthday has passed, I'm now 23 years young. Keep training. Keep studying. Keep on working towards your dream.

The Hopeful Wanderer,

-Johnny Fuger

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Jul 15, 2023

good ,By learning kung fu, you will feel your strength, flexibility, and coordination increase rapidly. In addition, you learn to defend yourself, which can be very empowering. It is important that you also train your mind.


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