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Thanks for Following the Adventure...

There are not many people that read this journal of mine, but to those who do; thank you for reading. Whether you're a reader from the original blog or if you've discovered this newer blog. Thanks to all. I can't believe that I've written more than 100 posts.

Learning A LOT about Visas...

Money Going to Fees...

Sp, this week I have been learning about the visa processes of various countries. I'm already working on a video to help others plan their multi-country adventures. I'm losing quite a bit of money to flight change/cancel fees. My bit of advice is plan your trips thinking 3-4 months in advance.

An example of an issue that I came across was trying to get a tourist Visa for China. Sure it takes 4 - 14 days to get a Tourist visa after your application has been applied. But, you have to make an appointment with the consulate/embassy... which you have to do 2-3 months in advance.

Luckily Shanghai has a 144 hr - Visa Exemption that I can sign up for online. Have to pay to change another flight... I'm learning so that I won't have these issues in the future. Hopefully the future video will be able to help others.

Big Buddha Phuket Thailand

Reflecting on Martial Arts

Started Grappling Again...

With all of these visa issues, I still have been able to get a round or two of Muay Thai in for training. This week's goal was to implement BJJ into my training schedule for the remaining month and a half.

If you don't know, I don't really like grappling. I'm not good at it (you could argue I'm not good at striking either), and it takes a lot of energy out of you. In order to be a good fighter today, you need to know grappling. So I put on my white belt again and walked onto the mats. Needless to say, my experience is still very similar to before. The thing I'm working on is changing my mindset and attitude towards grappling.

Started using my Brain Again...

I make sure I say thank you to the teacher and to my partners. (Which I normally do) Another thing I'm adding is saying thank you to myself. Thanks for putting in the work to get better. Thanks for pushing myself to try new things.

Another mental battle I'm trying to do for Muay Thai and Grappling is being mindful while sparring. Only using the moves we learned on that day to get me out of my bad habits. Being okay with stuff not working, and to try the moves again and again. Knowing that I'm learning a little bit each time.

I'm still not sure why I'm doing all of this. But I'm having fun.


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