Learn Kung Fu Today!

"Bring a little Shaolin into your life"

Throughout my martial art training I've realized that a lot of progress doesn't come from a teacher's guidance or an expensive seminar. Progress comes from within. If you have the small spark that is Kung Fu within you, then you can turn that spark into a roaring fire.

I believe that martial arts and exercise can help people's lives immensely but many lack the guidance of where to start. Many believe false ideas like, "You have to be fit to do that" or "I could never do that". Wrong. Any one of any age or body type can start martial arts and get benefits out of it. That is why I provide my beginning courses for free. So that you all will be able to start training and breakthrough those false ideas.

A Complete Training Experience

"Complete training from an honest teacher"

A lot of Kung Fu training out there is incomplete or only partial information is given. My goal is to give those interested a complete training experience that covers everything from: flexibility, conditioning, strength, forms, applications and more.

Usually, the information provided by others gives impractical ways to train or empty knowledge passed down by word. The courses that I have made are based off of my personal training and experience in the martial arts. If there is something I do not know or have not yet tried, I will not teach it!

Kung Fu Basic Course

This course gives you an introduction into Kung Fu exercise. Throughout the program you will learn different movements and poses to help build a solid foundation that will help you in the long run. This course will benefit your flexibility, endurance, coordination and control as you challenge yourself in new ways.

Price: FREE!

Qi Gong Basic Course

This course gives you an introduction into what Qi Gong is. How to control your breathing, how to stretch your body, and how to improve your control. Throughout the course you will learn a few ways of meditation straight from China, the benefits of Qi Gong practice, and more.

Price: FREE!

Flexibility Course

One of the basics of Kung Fu is flexibility. In order to do some of the basic moves in Kung Fu, a practitioner needs good flexibility and mobility. This FREE course is available to help you improve your flexibility.

Price: FREE!

Unlocking Your Potential

"In Shaolin, it is believed that everyone has the same potential. But, Everyone's path is different."

Whether the goal is to get flexible, strong, fast, fit, or just more healthy. I provide courses that can help you get there. By teaching what I have learned, I want you to experience the same "eye opening potential" that I've experienced in my training. One thing is certain though, it will take time, pain, and effort. Change isn't instant.