"Breathing skills."

When I first began to learn and practice Qi Gong, I was very skeptical. How can sitting (or standing) and breathing be beneficial to my health, let alone my martial arts skill? But, I continued to practice it. With the help of some masters the value of Qi Gong began to slowly reveal itself in small ways. After Qi Gong my mind would be clear, my mood better, and my body relaxed. Some days I didn't feel like I got anything out of it but I continued to practice because when it "clicked", I felt great.

Sadly, Qi Gong is very misrepresented throughout the world and online. Some claim that it can give you "magic powers" or "super strength". This is not true. Through my discussions with various Kung Fu Masters and my own practice; Qi Gong benefits are very subtle. It can help your mind, it can help your body, or it won't help you at all. And that is okay. Qi Gong is just like any other skill out there, only through consistency and practice can you reap the benefits.

Hopefully I can spread what I have learned to you so that you too can enjoy the benefits of real, practical Qi Gong practice.