"A skill gained through repeated practice."

Kung Fu isn't just the cool, flashy martial art that you see on the TV screen. In China, Kung Fu refers to any type of skill that has been achieved through hard work or practice. A Chef can have good Kung Fu if he is great at his craft. Same with an artist or a singer. Your Kung Fu doesn't have to be the martial arts but I believe that martial arts can help everyone of every age achieve their own "Kung Fu".

The Kung Fu that most people think of is the large variety of Martial Arts that reside in China. That's right, Kung Fu isn't just one martial art. It is now the collective term for all Chinese Martial Arts which includes so many different styles that it is hard to list them all. Just like in the west there are grappling arts, kicking arts, punching arts, and those arts that combine elements. Finding what Kung Fu style suits you is no easy task but... that's where I come in.

I hope that through my journeys I'm able to provide you what suits you best! Bring that little bit of Shaolin into your home and blossom!