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About Me

Wandering Through Life

Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to live in so many different places. During my childhood, my dad introduced me to Kung Fu by training me in the basement of our home.


In High School I joined a martial arts gym practicing Karate and Judo. Once I graduated, life granted me the opportunity to go to China for two years. In those two years I trained Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and learned Mandarin. That time in China sparked a passion for what I want to do with my life... which I continue to pursue to this day.


The Goal

The Purpose for this Journey

The purpose for this website is to document various parts of my life. I am an average American. I work, I save money, and I have a dream of becoming my own version of a "Warrior Monk". As I work towards this dream, I'd like to help others realize that we all have the same potential to do great things.

Thank you for checking out my adventure.



Keep the Journey Going

How to Help...

If you like the content that I create, then there are a few ways to help me keep it going. Of course, this journey isn't just about me. It is also about the cool and creative people that I meet along the way. Its about all those who helped me get to where I am by teaching, guiding, or simply being kind to me.

Donate to Keep the Journey going...

This goes straight to me and the money is used to fund future adventures, buy better gear, or to pay fees to keep my website going.

…or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey"

This goes to my family, who without my parents or sister, I would never have been able to go on my journeys. They helped me by providing a place to stay, food to eat, and transportation to and from my jobs. I will forever be grateful to all of them.

…or check out a fellow Kung Fu Hustler's Photography.

This goes to my "功夫兄弟" that I met in China. He introduced me to photography and was an interesting character to be around during my time at Maling Mountain. The website displays his photography from his personal adventures around the world. I'm sure he'd appreciate the couple extra views on his work. Keep on Hustlin' JD.

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