September 6th - A Tired Body

Sunset over Wang Zhuang, even others were taking pictures!


I've been getting plenty of it. This weekend has been a weekend of crashing out on my bed in the quiet afternoons. When I wake up, I'm fully charged and ready to go. I believe the Spanish call this a siesta. To me, it feels lazy but I couldn't help it. I'd be there writing or watching videos then, next thing you know, I'm waking up covered in sweat an hour later. It must be from the additional hour of training that I'm doing a day but... man. I didn't expect it to beat up my body this much. 

Even today, my "recovery day", I spent the day stretching, kicking, kung fuing, and even more stretching. You'd be surprised at how tiring stretching can be and those Kung Fu forms... exhausting. I'm wondering if the additional protein shakes are helping me. If they're not, I'll still drink them because they taste pretty good. (Can't miss Protein O'clock)

Sunday "Treat", Duck Fried Noodles, Dumplings and Mango Yogurt Drink

Walking around Wang Zhuang I was asked the same question many times:

"Where are the others?"

To that, I would tell them some went to Kunming while others went home. That was it. The other classmates have told me they're doing well in Kunming. They've found a Taiji School, some good restaurants, and a hostel to stay at. I wish them the best one their personal journey through China.

A Common Kung Fu Stance, 虚步 - Empty/Cat Stance

That's about all I did this weekend. 





I have a feeling that my posts will probably be similar for the next few months. Master Bao is going to teach me some new forms and basics over the next few months which will be interesting. A new master means new opinions on Kung Fu which should expand my Kung Fu knowledge even more... or just make me more confused.

The wanna be warrior monk is still trying. That's all I can do is keep trying.

Let's buckle up for this upcoming week!

Keep training!


  1. If you are falling asleep it is because your body needs it. Glad you got out and about and found some good food before the week begins for ya. Hope these next few months go well and that you learn a lot and don't get too lonely with no other students. Remember we are only a call away. <3 Mom


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