September 4th - Sleeping and Recovery

Corn Moon

The third day of this spectacular full moon sets the backdrop for my night of thinking.  

Sore triceps and a bruised back are the constant reminder of this week's training but that isn't what is weighing heavy on my mind. I'm content with being at the school. The challenge of solo training keeps my mind motivated. A new master brings new possibilities. This feeling of content is what is on my mind. Its been a long time since content and I have run into each other. 

There is a chance I feel this way because my plan is still going the way it was originally laid out. Although the road, that is my plan, was laid out in a very unexpected way; the end result is still the same. Me going home in January. These constant reminders that "Everything is going to be okay" are quite calming to my mind. I'm sure Kunming (昆明) would have been a blast and I'm sure many adventures could stem from there. My gut kept telling me otherwise like Kunming would lead me to some other adventure that wasn't my own. Right now, I want to pursue this "Kung Fu Dream" until I run out of steam. The shaved head is only one testament to this drive.

Tonsure and 修行

"Why did you shave your head?", asked Master Peng. To that, I replied with a weak, half-truth. The real reason is because of change. Change in the school meant change for me as well. In California, I had short hair but I never cut it all the way. In Shanghai and Illinois, I grew my hair longer, not because I wanted to but because it just happened. Part of me wanted to go home with something to show my dedication during this time. Part of me wanted to do something new. So, JD cut it for me and as my widow's peak was shaved off the scene from The Last Samurai popped into my head. Silly, I know.

This is probably a fitting "falling action" for my Kung Fu Journey at Maling Mountain. I came as one of the last students then leave as the last student (at least for this confusing Coronavirus time). Really, that is all I'm doing with this time left. Tying up loose ends, finish learning incomplete forms, building up my strength, and healing all of my injuries. Previously, I have wondered what going home is going to feel like. Will it be like Bilbo Baggins? Or, does my journey even end here?

Only time will tell.

Autumn is here.

Have a good weekend... again!



  1. So did everyone leave already? I thought you'd have other students until October? I hope you get out of this journey what you wanted and I hope it doesn't get too lonely there without any other students to hang with. <3 Mom

    1. Yup,

      They all went to Kunming to continue their adventures through China. I want to finish my time here then end the year in Shanghai. I don't think it will get too lonely; the masters are still here and training can always keep me company.


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