September 3rd - Turn of a Page...

One of the many poses in Da Hong Quan

翻脸比翻书还快... a face changes faster than the turn of a page. Can refer to something/someone that changes quickly. I think this phrase suits this week quite well because things are changing fast around here. The weather. The school. My schedule. My Master. I believe its all to prepare me for the challenging conclusion to the first chapter of my kung fu journey.

September 2nd, a storm rolled through...

Training this week has been on my own. A familiar feeling but still something to get used to as I enjoyed the company of other "Kung Fu Brothers/Sisters". The days that Master Peng has watched my training he has given me some deeper advice for improving my Kung Fu. One bit of advice that I loved was:

"You should be able to practice in the space of a cow laying down"

This is straight out of the Kung Fu books I read before coming here but to have a master say this and then elaborate on it... was a memorable moment. It's not just being able to train in a small space but being able to adapt your moves/form to any situation. Most Kung Fu forms are in a straight line back and forth because it is easy to do and teach. Change the direction, distance, or way you do your moves while keeping the form the same. This is where the real kung fu comes in. Not just learning and doing your moves/forms but understanding them. 

August 30th, Side Split Attempt... not there yet

He ended this little "wisdom lesson" by saying,  

"Practice will show improvement, but understanding will bring out the most progress". 

I always say I overthink things but maybe I'm just not focusing my thoughts on the right thing. 

As an old Fugitsu proverb goes:

"Follow your happiness"

That's what I should be focusing on.

I know my posts are not the most well written or interesting to read but thanks to those few who are turning in to read.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Make the most of everyday.


  1. Love the pics the sky is beautiful. Enjoy your week! <3 Mom

    1. I'm glad you like the pictures. Hope you're having a good week too!


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