September 11th - Recovery and Siji

Dumpings, Peaches, Peanuts and Chicken

My first week of one on one training is over. My right knee has been out of action all of today so I only attended morning Power Stretching. To my surprise, the class was lead by Coach Qi. He's one of the younger coaches that comes and goes. He's been doing martial arts for 11 years and is on his way to joining the military... just like the rest of the coaches that pass through here.

Shi Yan Lei, a warrior monk

"With events constantly changing around the world, one of the certainties we can hold onto is our daily routine. I encourage you to use your workout as your refuge. This simple action will improve your life and those around you." -Shi Yan Lei

In the morning I decided to do the rare activity of checking my email. In it was mostly garbage (though there was a nice update from my pal, Shaolin Smiddy) and a few martial art themed messages. Normally I would trash most of it but today I decided to open one and read it. What was inside didn't help me at all but it made clear to me what I was doing at this Kung Fu School by myself. My training is my "refuge" for the time being. A place where I can work to improve myself or a place I can slow down and review. Each day building myself up.

Xinyi, tall apartment buildings meet the suburbs

In the afternoon I had to go renew my visa, the man to take me there was a little late. When he arrived, he greeted me with a cheerful "Hallo!" and we were off. I did my business in Xinyi then called the driver again to pick me up. As we were heading back I told him not to rush as I didn't have anywhere to be. To that he said, "Do you mind if we pick up my kids?". Laughing I said sure. Next thing I know I'm talking to this guy for half an hour in some Elementary school parking lot eating Orion Moon Cakes and drinking water. The experience was interesting as here I was talking to someone in a foreign language about how even though our countries have problems the people still can be friends. Once his kids got off school we took a quiet ride back to the martial art school. 

I know that the conversation probably didn't mean much to him but to me it was a little mental break from training, from my knee pain, and from my worries.

Everyone was gone except Mama Bao. I guess it'll be a quiet weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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