August 1st - Seventh Month, Josh's Birthday

New Month, New Adventures

Humid and Hot. That was how the day was up until the evening. The good things about this kind of weather is it makes perfect conditions for stretching! Even with a slight groin injury, I was able to get way lower in the splits. Almost touching the floor on every single side. It was a good day but even with all of this progress I still don't feel like a "Kung Fu Fighter"/"Warrior Monk". I guess I expected to feel different after all of this time training but I feel like the same person... just thinner and more flexible. Some classmates joke and say that I'm "Maling Mountain's Last Hope" since I still seem to love Kung Fu and training. To me, its not a good feeling as this school really isn't how I imagined it. Looking at other schools I now have a twinge of doubt wondering how those schools really are compared to their websites.

These worries won't stop me from adventuring though. We all are going to Shanghai this month for 10 days and I hope it will be a good experience. What I'm focused more on is how the school is going to be with even less students? How will Master Peng be? What will change during classes? What challenges will I face?

Josh's Birthday

After Friday's training (which included a really humid 10 km run) we all went out to eat some delicious hot pot in Xinyi. JD wasn't able to go but he told us where this place was. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect as I've been to many different kinds of hot pot places in China. Some are really fancy with a wide variety of foods while others are small with little choices. This was an awesome hot pot place, it is underground and has a BBQ place attached to it! The interior is really cool with some nice decorations like clouds, a waterfall, and cave walls. Really sets a social vibe to the place as while eating and talking you can look around at some interesting things.

Preparing for Testing

My last testing I did poorly on and I want to do better so that Master Peng knows I am still serious about learning Kung Fu. I have decided that I will perform many things during this testing: Competition Spear Form, Rope Dart Form/Moves, and maybe Tong Bei Quan or Long Fist to see if I still got it. By performing this much I hope that it will show I remember what Master Peng has taught me previously. Plus, I just want to make this testing before Shanghai different in some way.

The weekend seems like it will be a hot one which means it'll be the perfect time to keep stretching! So while my weekend will be full of training and relaxing. What will your weekend be full of?

Hope you all are doing well.


  1. Good luck on your testing and happy birthday to Josh! - Mom

    1. Thank you!

      I'll try to do good on my testing next week.


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