August 11th - A New Student, 80 Dumplings

80 Vegetable Dumplings were ordered this day...

Feeling Better ~ 🍡

This day has proven to be a little bit better. I couldn't sleep last night so I spent the evening training basics and reviewing broadsword. Waking up to a foggy morning, my injury and body felt better but not fully healed. Since I was feeling better I was able to run, do Jumps and Rolls Class and Applications Class. During the first class of the day, I was surprised that I was able to work on back flips with some big improvement! Maybe, just maybe, by the end of my time here I will be able to do a back flip. 

Also, I forgot to mention that a new student arrived last night. His name is Emmanuel and he is from Switzerland but has been living in China for four years! He plans on staying at the school for a month or two before heading back home. WELCOME Emmanuel.

Learning Da Hong Quan ~ 倧ζ΄ͺζ‹³

For Applications Class we were taught by Master Peng some more moves from Da Hong Quan, a traditional (and famous) Shaolin Form. It has taken us quite a while to learn only a few moves but Master Peng explained that he is teaching us how to use these moves instead of just teaching us the form. He wants us to take time each week to practice the moves' use and really understand it. If we were just to learn the moves of the form and nothing else, we could be done within a week or two. If we take the time to grasp the uses, and actually try to use them in Sanda/Sparring then the form will be more beneficial for us.

To be honest, I appreciate that we are learning the form this way. I feel that learning both the "pretty" and "useful" way to perform a form will give me more enjoyment and a greater appreciation for it than just learning it as a set of moves for a performance would. I also feel that this is the authentic training that I came to China for.

🍍"Pineapple" ~ My Favorite Drink Spot in Wang Zhuang

To end this Tuesday (and prepare for Shilat leaving), Josh, Emmanuel, Matt, and I all went to Wang Zhuang to eat dumplings. Josh and I arrived in Wang Zhuang first so we decided to get some drinks from one of our favorite spots: Pineapple. I was nervous at first because the entrance seemed different. My first thought was maybe it closed down and changed into something new but I was wrong. It got revamped! Everything was white, shiny, and new but had the same folks working there as before. Looks like business is going well for them.

Josh, Emmanuel, Shilat, Matt all eating dumplings~

Once we all met up, a good time was had chatting, eating, and relaxing. I headed out early since I ate my share of dumplings. The drive back was nice. The clouds dark, the wind cool, and the surroundings quiet. I wonder how much of this place I will remember? The lush farmlands, rolling hills, small square buildings, roaming chickens, and rough looking people. For now, I try to take it all in and just feel it. I even noticed something I hadn't noticed before. The dark night clouds that had rolled into our area had a red hue about them, not just pitch black like on other days.

A better Tuesday. A new face. A full belly. I don't think I'll have issues sleeping today.


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