August 10th - Another Monday

"石锅鸭腿米线, Duck Rice Noodles"

Another Monday, Another Day of Rest ~

I spent my Sunday eating food and helping a classmate try to sell his bike to some locals. Apparently, I had an appetite as I ate so much food. Two duck legs, duck rice noodles, and a plate of beef fried noodles. Somehow, all of this food didn't help prepare me for the week as Monday came with its own issues.

The morning came. I was feeling good and ready for this week so that I could prepare for Grading/Testing this week. Basics Class quickly showed me that my groin still hadn't fully recovered which forced me to, not rest, but do less than normal as I couldn't do all the moves that I normally could do. Forms Class went by really well as we were taught two new moves with the rope dart. Sanda Class was terrible for me as my skin had some weird reaction to the new detergent I bought. I mostly watched class and then spent the time after class rewashing my clothes.

"牛肉炒面, Beef Fried Noodles (Spicy)"

I'm just taking it one day at a time and hopefully I'll be able to do well. It feels like August is going to be a month of rest and recovery for me.


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