July 26th - Tiger's Balm and Rain

Aches and Pains ~ 不劳无获

It was a small source of pride for me that I haven't had to use any of my pain killers or ointments while being here. It meant that my body was strong and able to deal with the day to day training without the need of medicine. After this week, that all changed as my small little injuries and pains added up which forced me to crack open the Tiger's Balm. That familiar smell of Tiger's Balm has been with me throughout the week to deal with a lot of arm and hand pains. Rope burns, strained groin, pulled fingers, sore back, and destroyed triceps. Those are the pains that I've been dealing with throughout the week. Even through all of that, I made the magical thing called... progress. My splits (front and side) were lower and slowly but surely I'm understanding how to control the dreaded Rope Dart.

Learning Path ~ 学习计划

As the world around me changes with political tensions, global pandemic, and more... I still am focusing on Kung Fu. There are a few things left that I want to learn the basics of before I move on to whatever life may throw my way. I would like to get some Shaolin Uniforms just to be a reminder of my time spent here. I would also like to learn some traditional Shaolin hand forms like: Xiao Hong Quan, Da Hong Quan and/or Luohan 18 Shou. For weapons, I just want to finish learning the Rope Dart and then learn the Monk Spade and Double Swords.

Self Reflection ~ 自我实现

Simple life, simple problems. As mentioned earlier, there are some problems in the world that might be affecting my stay at the Kung Fu School. Early on my trip hit its first obstacle: the Corona Virus. After following regulations and quarantine for a few months life went back to "normal". Now it seems that there is another obstacle arising: politics. Since I am a foreigner traveling in another country I have to keep an ear out for what is going on in the world just in case it would affect me. Recently, the news has been full of China vs other countries like Australia, USA, Hong Kong and more. Arbitrary arrests, travel restrictions, consulates closing and more all make it seem very tense at the moment.

Yet, here at the school I don't feel any of that pressure. We are cautious but not paranoid when we go out to Xinyi or Wang Zhuang. Maybe we're all just in our own little "Kung Fu Bubble" but we have to react and make decisions day by day because the world is always changing. Which boils down to my current conundrum of whether I should stay my full year here or leave early for "safety".

I'll just have to think about it.

How is your weekend?


  1. Our weekend here has been a majorly muggy one with on and off rain. Did catch a baby bass, 2 bluegill. Dad caught a turtle. :D Other than that hung out at the house and did nothing. Exciting I know. Glad you are keeping an eye/hear open on what is going on in the world and not just being in your own. May you and all of your new friends all be safe and healthy during this lovely time. Here we are requiring face masks finally unfortunately there are those out there that still believe this is a hoax. Guess that will continue until it affects them directly. Have a good week and hope my video of the fight wasn't too long to cause you viewing issues. :D Love - Mom


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