July 15th - Grading

Morning Thoughts ~ ζ—©δΈŠζ€ζƒ³

As I wake up on this super foggy morning my thoughts are still on yesterday's testing. I performed poorly in front of everyone, I forgot a part of my form, messed up many of the moves, and rushed through it. Master Peng was a bit disappointed telling me, "I hope you're the best here so during testing I want you to do the best".  He then said maybe its this "being the best" pressure that causes me to mess up during testing to that I replied, "I don't think so". I know I'm not the best here (as the best student went home) and to me being the best here isn't that big of a deal. As the saying goes, "There is always someone better than you", so I feel that if I think I'm the best at this kung fu school then I'd just be a big monkey. These thoughts aside, Master Peng's concerns made me realize I need to practice a lot more with the spear before I move on to working with the rope dart.

Photo taken by Master Peng

Rope Dart ~ η»³ι•–

The Rope Dart has proven itself to be the next big challenge for me. Master Peng has only taught me 3 basic moves but they are really difficult. I normally do not like "soft weapons" because of their wild nature but since I have been feeling I'm not making progress then this challenge will help me see some. I have hit myself with the dart many times already...

The Splits ~ 下叉/εŠˆε‰

Speaking about progress, the splits are an elusive goal of mine. Some days I get really close to the front splits while other days I am very stiff. The side splits are a goal that I have not focused on in a while because my front split progress has been much faster than my side splits. I hope to get to the front splits before summer ends as once the weather gets colder, stretching progress is really slow.

And those are my thoughts for this morning, I'm not quite sure what today will bring but I'll try to make the most of today!


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