July 13th - Good Night's Sleep and Buying Phones

The Next Step in Training...

This Kung Fu Journey has been full of new experiences each week. For me, it is weird that we are already in Summer and its going by fast! It's probably because this way of living now feels normal. Not much changes in our day to day lives and as the school population shrinks our routine becomes more and more relaxed. But my goals are still getting accomplished; last week I did complete a "goal" which was learning the Spear Form (ε°‘ζž—η«žθ΅›ζžͺ). A beautiful form but also an fun form to perform as the movements are very different to what we've all learned before. Talking about different leads into the weapon that I've started studying today... the Rope Dart (η»³ι•–). It is labeled as a "soft weapon" which means it is harder to control than a normal weapon like a sword, spear, or staff. Other soft weapons are the meteor hammer, chain whip, nunchuks, and whip. 

"Born in life to be useful/Born in life to have meaning"

Today's adventure was a trip to Xinyi. Mission: Get everyone equipped with a phone and SIM card. We started by taking morning Basics and Forms classes and then after eating lunch we got permission from Master Peng to go. The reason this mission was so crucial was because our Shanghai trip relied on it. Everyone needed phones, everyone needed SIM cards, and everyone needed to get "Peng Cheng Ma" on their phone in case the hotels required it. Peng Cheng Ma is a program on your phone that shows a health code, Green for healthy and Red for unhealthy. It was made for the coronavirus and is tracked through WeChat/Alipay. Now when going to some big places like malls or hotels, you are required to have this to enter.

Getting the phones and SIM cards was a relatively easy process but it was a long one. We also stopped and got food, drinks, and snacks along the way. This did make us miss dinner so we made it up by having our last stop be a really nice BBQ place that had lamb, beef, cheese, corn, and fried ice cream. All of it delicious.

For whoever is still checking out my adventure, I hope you are doing well as well. Whether its your job, personal life, or maybe you're preparing for an adventure yourself. Just remember that what ever you do, enjoy everyday and make the most of it!


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