June 11th - Filming

Kung Fu School
(Left to Right) Terina, Raja, Me, Shilat, Master Yan, Bryce, Philip, Josh, Matt
Photo taken by: JD (Check out his work)

Meditation was difficult today, not only because it was hot, but also because my body was aching. Really, I didn't "get" anywhere with meditation but practicing Qi Gong felt way better than usual. These ideas of Meditation and Qi Gong are fickle things as sometimes they help me and other times they don't. So, if someone were to ask me, "Does Meditation/Qi Gong/Tai Chi help/work?", then, I'd have to explain to them that you have to try it multiple times in order to see if it helps you or not.

Things really have changed around here as now the students are able to do this class on our own. We all go to a different spot and meditate or do Qi Gong or just relax. Some choose to meditate the whole time while others practice more on the Qi Gong forms. For me, it changes based on how I'm feeling. Another class that has changed a lot is Sanda Class as it is "run" by Coach Qian. I put run in quotes because he really just watches us and will give the occasional pointer on how to improve but the exercises that we do are up to us. Not the most ideal situation for a bunch of new "kick boxers".

A Really Good Video On The Shaolin Temple

Conditioning class hasn't changed though! Master Peng still guides us on what to do and gives us new tips or conditioning methods each time. Our primary focus is "Iron Palm" training and grip strength training but today he had us do some things to condition our head, elbows, fists, and wrists. Man... the wrist conditioning was the hardest. This lead to Power Training which was hand stand training and wheel barrows going up 3 flights of stairs... many, many times. He ended the class early because all of us were in bad shape and told us, "Because you are so focused on time, you become more nervous, which not only causes pain in your arms but also pain in your mind", exhausted me didn't take too kindly to that and a small part of me still disagrees. But I digress...

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Photo taken by: JD (Check out his work)

After class, Master Peng and I filmed more stuff for this video that he has been working on. We've been filming a few things here and there over the past few days. The video is supposed to be a little bit about my "Kung Fu Dream" but it is mostly about how the Corona virus has effected my time here. I hope its a good video as part of me is worried that it will be made to be a propaganda video... man I hope its not that. Apparently, we are going to film the last bit of stuff tomorrow morning. since we will be filming the Kung Fu part of the video it should be fun! (But tiring)

I have a lot of thoughts but I want to keep today's writing short and concise. This week has felt different for me and I'm not sure why.

How has your week been going? Anything different going on?

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