May 1st - Chinese Labor Day

Lunch - 老鸭汤面,炸水饺

Evening Reflections 💤

My morning was filled with cleaning. I woke up bright and early at 5:30 then just went about cleaning my room, hand washing my clothes, organizing my shelves, shaving, tidying up my bed and all of that stuff. I really don't have a plan for today besides relax but then Matt came to my door asking if I wanted to join everyone for a trip to Wang Zhuang. Of course I did! A chance to get out, eat some new food, and test my Chinese is what I was wanting.

Very Busy Today

Our Wang Zhuang trip flew by very quickly but we first went and got some food at this nice noodle shop that I always forget the name of. I ate a serving of fried dumplings along with duck soup noodles which were great but... I was also really hungry.  I wish I ordered more as that turned out to be the last place we went to eat. Next time I will definitely order the chicken legs and another random thing on the menu just so that we can experience different kinds of Chinese food. Everyone orders the same things each time so I'm trying to use what I order to help expose them to other foods. There is more than just dumplings and noodles in China, you just have to find it.

So many people in Wang Zhuang, So many markets open
Then, we all went to different stores around town buying things that we needed like sun screen, clothes, snacks, drinks, and other stuff. We found a few restaurants that we want to try like a hot pot place and another place similar to "一香美食" but we still haven't found a tailor for Shilat or a massage place for Phillip. Terina check the post office for her packages and it turned out that my new socks and new shirt came in which is good because I will need them in the coming months. Who would think that I would want new socks?

After getting back from Wang Zhuang, I spent more time cleaning up. Really, the time between getting back and now is all a blur. I didn't do much... maybe that is a good thing as that is a pretty good way to rest.

Overall, Friday was fun.

How was your Friday? Ready for the weekend?

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