May 9th - Fast Week and Other Schools

Terina, Philip, and JD in Wang Zhuang

Evening Reflections

This week went by so quickly. It is crazy. Though there were its ups and downs (mostly downs) all of us managed to make it through. Taking a short trip to Wang Zhuang Village was a great idea for those that went as we were able to go out, eat food, drink milk tea, and buy some things. The rest of my day was spent washing clothes, practicing the staff, practicing my stances, listening to music, and looking at other Kung Fu Schools. (Always thinking of that "next step") I just don't know what my next step will be and, honestly, I've faced this problem before... not to long ago actually.

It is just funny to think about how the problems (or lows) that I come across at any time in life are the same ones I've faced before, just under new circumstances. In the back of my mind I'm really not sure why I'm learning Kung Fu besides the fact that it is fun and I enjoy it. Looking back to me adjusting to Illinois life or getting a new job (where I ended up meeting some cool dudes) just lets me know that I've done this before and I'll figure it out again. Obviously, when the time comes I'll need some sort of plan but, for now, I can just focus on the here and the now. Focus on "making tracks" as my dad says.

I'm pretty sure there is a saying about looking to far into the future and losing the present or something like that.

Cloudy Friday Afternoon


On the training side of things, Master Peng said he thinks I can get the side splits before January (maybe that includes front splits too?) but he said I'd need other people's help. He also taught me the correct way to do a back bend; then he taught me how to stand up from a back bend. Both are very hard moves. Friday's training was very light hearted and Forms Class was very fun as Master Peng taught us some more moves of the Staff Form, 阴手棍. Learning the staff is pretty cool, it makes me want to "focus" more on the staff. Maybe continue learning new forms and new moves after I learn the current form. In the "true Shaolin Teaching" plan, the first year is just learning basics and then the second year is learning a wide variety of things so that you can find your "specialization" and then the years after that are just honing your skills in the various "72 Skills of Shaolin". Supposedly. Since I'm at a Kung Fu School, and not the Shaolin Temple, I get to work with the masters here at creating my "own" training plan.

My Current "Idea" is to be really good at a few things by the time my year is up. (Thanks Master Yan)
  • Hands
    • Jin Gang Quan - 金刚拳
    • Luo Han Quan - 罗汉拳
    • Xiao/Da Hong Quan - 小/大洪拳
    • An Animal Form? (Monkey? Tiger? Dragon?)
    • Sanda Sparring Skills
  • Staff
    • Shao Huo Gun - 烧火棍
    • Other Staff Forms?
    • Maybe 3 Section Staff?
  • Broadsword
    • Another Broadsword Form?
    • Dual Broadswords?
  • Monk's Spade - 月牙铲/方便铲
    • Learn it
So this would be my rough draft of things I might want to learn. It could change as I'm discovering new things about Kung Fu everyday. There is a reasoning behind my draft though, with me focusing on just a few "skills" it could get confusing to remember a bunch of moves and forms so I could alternate what I learn. For Example, I'm currently learning staff so I could learn a new broadsword or hand skill next and keep alternating like that. The Monk Spade is special as it is the weapon I want to learn close to me leaving. I'm just using it as an "unreachable goal"/"reward" to keep me motivated now. Thinking this way really motivates me to make my basics in everything else really good. I've messed around with the Monk Spade before during my free time... it feels cool. I say that now but my thoughts could change down the line as most of my thoughts seem to do.

Just a lot of thinking going on this Saturday Night. What are you all doing?

I'm tired but my Instagram is still there


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