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April 30th - Hard Training As Usual

Morning Mumblings ๐Ÿ˜ด We all were told yesterday that we won't have class on Friday because of the Chinese Labor Day which gives us three whole days to either rest and recover or to review stuff that we've learnt before. I think I'll spend it reviewing the forms I've learned (especially Baji Quan) and working on Jumps and Rolls. I want to see if I can learn how to do a kick up and improve my cartwheel.

Training this week has been hard on my body. My forearms are bruised, my biceps have purple dots all over them, my thigh is purple from Sanda Class and my obliques (thanks Josh for telling me what they are) are really sore. Not only that but every morning my legs are just stiff and sore in new ways. I don't know why my body is feeling like this as I felt the training has been the same. It has been super hot this whole week.

Overall, I feel like I'm improving with my Kung Fu Basics besides being sore everyday. This was evident when yesterday after Forms Class we h…

April 27th - Laziness

Today's Adventure ๐Ÿ“ฟ Life here is interesting. One week can be super difficult every single moment while other weeks start off nice and end off nice while some weeks you don't know what to expect. This week is starting out nice but I am not sure what to expect. I'm focusing more on training extra this week (even though my body is hating me for it).  Whether I'm spinning the staff in the mornings, working on my sword form during our breaks or stretching in the evening; I'm trying to do a little bit extra which leads me to a little talk Master Peng had with us during Basics Class.

We worked on our splits in the beginning of the class, then we slowly began to work on our basic kicks. (Front Kick, Inside/Outside Kick, and Side Kick) Once we drilled through these kicks for what felt like a long time, Master Peng had us sit and relax as he talked to us about laziness. He said some of us the past few Basics Class haven't been putting the most effort in. Master Peng c…

April 25th - Soothing Weekend

Morning Mumblings ๐ŸŒž It has been an interesting morning of cleaning, washing, organizing and relaxing. Yesterday was Shilat's birthday party so everyone was up late drinking, playing games and having fun. I called it early once it was midnight as I woke up way too early on Saturday.
Saturday Besides the birthday party, my day was spent cleaning (yes, more cleaning), stretching, talking with my family and going to Cao Liu Village. There, I bought a wide variety of snacks and drinks for the week. Moon cakes, Cow Horn Bread, Muffins, Egg Yolk Pastry, Strawberry Pastries, Instant Noodles, Fruit, Cookies and some drinks. Oh, and my favorite "Sweet Crackers" as well. Those are delicious.

A big part of my morning was spent hand washing my clothes due to the washing machine not working. It took a bit of effort but in the end my clothes and sheets are clean but I really do appreciate the good washing machines that we have at home. I guess its just another part of the Kung Fu exp…

April 24th - Friday... just Friday

Friday Feeling ๐Ÿ’ I'm getting closer and closer to "completing" my study of the Basics promised here. I've learned Tong Bei, Five Step, Lian Huan Quan (kinda), Shaolin Plum Blossom Single Broadsword, and now I'm learning the beginnings of the staff form. Ever since the meeting that the students and masters had on April 3rd I've been thinking about what I want my "training plan" to be. I could just continue with whatever they want me to learn (which I think would be ้‡‘ๅˆšๆ‹ณ also known as Buddha's Guardian Boxing) or I could ask to learn some skills that I've heard about like 18 Luohan Hands, Monk Spade, Da Hong Quan, and Xiao Hong Quan.

I'm interested in learning these forms because I've heard about them and they are traditional forms which means they have history, meaning, and applications behind all of the movements. That is what is important to me, not only knowing the moves, but also knowing why this form exists. What situation were …

April 23rd - Injury, Feeling Weak, Power Training

Morning Thoughts ๐Ÿ›Œ A couple days flew past me as I'm surprised it is already Thursday! This morning started out like most of my mornings here; I was sore, I stretched my legs, drank a lot of water, then I grabbed my phone so I could look at it while I'm stretching. Today, I had many messages from friends, family, and some ol' potato factory pals telling me how they are and asking about my progress. It was a nice feeling and especially with the virus (which I don't write much about) it is nice to hear that everyone is doing alright in their own way.

One thought that crosses my mind every morning as I look out to the countryside is I enjoy living here with all of these interesting people. The countryside around us is nice (although the weather really doesn't like us), the masters are good people and teach us a lot, and the students here all get along. With our "lock down" being over we all are exploring different areas, different villages, and shops so th…

April 20th - Monday Staff Training

Morning Thoughts ๐Ÿ“ฟ "To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness."
-Ecclesiastes 2:26
This morning my devotional had a relatable thought. It talked about doing what you want to do for happiness while not getting sucked into doing what everyone else is doing. This kind of thought went through my mind yesterday as I spent my evening watching Battle Royal with some other students but in my mind I thought, "I should be training". I was already there, the movie had started, and there were many of us so I stayed and watched a good movie. As I laid down to sleep the thought was still there and I realized that I made so much progress in two and a half months because of how much time I spent training on my own. My phone has even shown my usage has spiked last week. All of this showed that I've lost a bit of focus so hopefully, this week, I can regain that focus I had when I got here.

I just have to find my balance as previously I did hurt my …

April 18th - Relaxing Weekend

Saturday Morning ๐ŸŒ„ Whew, 05:15 today but I have already gotten so much done. Washed my blankets and sheets, shaved, did my laundry, and began writing this post! I think I enjoy waking up early more and more as there is something about waking up and seeing the world "wake up" that is nice.

It is crazy how much my "lifestyle" has changed. Hearing how my friends are doing back home makes me think I made the right choice coming here and pursuing this silly Kung Fu Journey. This has been such a great journey so far even though some of the days are quite painful. I've learned a lot, done a lot, changed a lot and met some cool people along the way.

All I know is that if you want to go for some dream you'll have to make sacrifices and really be focused on accomplishing that dream, no matter what obstacles may come in your way.

I'm not sure what I'll do today but I feel that today is going to be a good day.

Sunday Afternoon ๐Ÿต This weekend has really been …

April 17th - Another Friday

Morning Thoughts ๐ŸŒ… Well, I knew I was going to be sore but waking up was really rough. My body felt as stiff as a board even though I stretched a little bit after power training yesterday.  At least the weather seems nice today as it is quite a cool and foggy morning. Even though I was sore and tired my body still woke me up real early (05:45) and it seems my body keeps waking me up earlier and earlier. It is probably just another weird affect that this place has, at least I get to see the beautiful mornings and get prepared for the day.

Evening Thoughts ๐Ÿ’ค Training was good today. Power stretching was tough, as it should be, but Master Peng had us work on our back and our side splits plus a few more arm stretches than normal. My legs were really stiff today so I feel that I didn't do as good as I could've but man the pain was so much. Next time, I hope to have more progress.

Then it was time for a challenging forms class. Challenging because of how sore and stretched out I …

April 16th - Meditation and Conditioning

Morning Thoughts ๐Ÿ›Œ I woke up thinking about how much money I've spent while living in China which is an odd thought but a good one. It has been a while since I've checked my bank balance, I think in January I checked it to see how much I had, but with the whole school lock down that went on earlier I wasn't even able to get or use money.

It is interesting to see that after 2-3 months in China I've only spent around $195 dollars from my bank savings. But, when we went to Xinyi I managed to withdraw about $851 (as I said previously). That amount of cash should be enough to last me throughout the rest of my year here and since we are in the country side of China, most places accept cash.

Now, I know I'm in a unique situation but living here hasn't used a whole lot of money. My biggest expenses are food/snacks and (surprisingly) shoes. I'm sure later on I'll have to spend more money on other things but if I use my money wisely I think I'd be able to s…

April 15th - Exhaustion and Testing

Morning Thoughts ๐Ÿ›Œ Not going to lie, waking up this week has been harder than usual due to me being especially tired in the mornings and especially hungry when going to sleep. I'm not sure why but its been this way so far. Monday I fell asleep at 8:30 pm and woke up on Tuesday at 6 am. If that isn't my body telling me to get some rest then I don't know what is.

Also, I've changed my "wake up routine" a little bit; when I wake up I do my usual make bed, drink water, drink milk, but instead of watching videos on my phone or computer... I very carefully stretch while doing so. Usually wall splits, butterfly stretch and the straddle stretch are the three moves I do in the mornings to really... not warm up but "open" the hips. This allows me to get in most Kung Fu stances for whatever class is in the morning.

Yesterday's training was nice, we focused on various new jumps and rolls which I was able to do a few of. It gives me confidence that one day…

April 11th - Haggling for Scooters

Evening Thoughts ๐Ÿšฒ Today started out just like any other Saturday. I woke up at 6 am, got cleaned up, organized my stuff, did laundry, ate breakfast and then talked to my family. But, today was a little different as the other guys wanted to buy some scooters/bikes to start their "Maling Mountain Motorcycle Gang" so they wanted me to translate for them. So, I went to go help them which started a very interesting and fun day.

Getting to ็Ž‹ๅบ„... ...wasn't that bad considering it was my first time driving a small Tuktuk in China, as a matter of fact it was my first time driving in China. Luckily we made it safely to the town with only one small hiccup when the Tuktuk shorted out on us. It was certainly interesting driving again as it was something I haven't done in quite a while and luckily it wasn't that hard because the roads didn't have that many folks on it. Driving something as small as a Tuktuk along side cars and trucks is a weird feeling though. It feels …

April 10th - Eleven Weeks

Morning Thoughts ⛅ My thoughts this morning are not about how peaceful it is outside or how quiet the school is in the early morning; they are about how recently I've been a bit lazier on my training and what my "training goals" are. I think this because another grading is next week so I have to hone my skills in so that the masters see improvement.  I have a selection of forms that I can use to train my basics and I've learned many exercises to train my basics as well, I just have to do them instead of thinking about them.

้•ฟๆ‹ณๅˆ็บงไธ‰่ทฏๅฐ‘ๆž—้€š่ƒŒๆ‹ณ้›†ไฝ“ๆ‹ณๅฐ‘ๆž—ๆข…่Šฑๅ•ๅˆ€ไบ”ๆญฅๆ‹ณ่ฟž็Žฏๆ‹ณๅ…ซๆžๆ‹ณ-ๅฐๅฎถ That is a good amount of forms that I know I haven't grasped or mastered yet. Seeing them all written down makes me feel good about what I have learned while I'm here but learning a little bit about a lot of things isn't as good as learning a lot about a few things. Since I will be here for a bit I want to really perform these to the best of my potential, which is something Master Peng talked to us abou…