March 27th - Time Flies

I think this looks cool, like a 3 Musketeer or something.

Morning Thoughts 🍵

It really goes to show that once you find a way to use your time doing productive things then time will fly very fast. This week I started to use my phone less and began focusing on studying programming again. I still did additional training and recovery stretching but I used my two hour gap after lunch and my two hours after dinner to study programming. Then, time started to get away from me as every hour I always had something to do: cleaning, training, stretching, studying Chinese, programming, or eating and talking with the other students. It was a very full week but also a very tough week.

My previous post explains what happened on Monday but the tough training continued throughout the week. Tuesday was a full Jumps and Rolls day due to Master Yan still being injured and unable to teach. It was also Tuesday that I realized I had overstretched my right leg when I attempted a "Tornado Kick". It hurt and I became nervous about another injury. Luckily, I took the required rest right away and was back to jogging and kicking by Wednesday.

Wednesday, the weather started to take a turn for the worse as it became cloudy and rainy. That didn't stop us from running and training outside though! Master Peng really was drilling us for basics on this day too and we went over the Long Fist Form many times. (I have to practice my basics and that form this weekend!) Then our Forms Class came and Master Yan was still out of action so Master Peng began teaching me the Shaolin Broadsword Form (I'm not sure what the name is). I discovered I'm terrible with the broadsword but I enjoy it because weapons are a whole new challenge for me.

We had dumplings this week!

Thursday, was pretty relaxing as it always is even though it was raining and windy. Morning standing meditation with Master Ning and then Qi Gong class led by Master Peng. I'm glad we did 八段锦 today as it really is my favorite out of the two Qi Gong forms we have been taught. But man, I was not expecting how difficult the next two classes were going to be. We did new kinds of conditioning on our fists, elbows and heads... all of them very painful. After lunch was our Power Training class, led by Master Peng, and, oh boy, we were dead. A 4km run then we did something like 5 sets of this workout; handstands (supported by the wall thankfully) for various lengths of time (1 min,1 min 20 sec,1 min 30 sec, 1 min 40 sec,2 min) but after the handstand you would have to wheelbarrow up the three flights of stairs. 5 sets of that was tough but man was it a good arm workout.

Afternoon Thoughts 🍜

It was a great morning, Power Stretching Class went well as I made more progress on the side split. Master Ning watched the Power Stretching Class today and helped many of us out with our stretching... and by help out I mean he would push us, sit on us, and pull us to our max. Stretching is such a weird activity, it feels terrible while doing it but after your body feels different. On really good stretching days I'd say my body even feels lighter. It makes me realize why stretching is so important for Kung Fu of all kinds; even Master Ning, a man in his 50s, still works on his splits and stretches every single day. It is inspiring.

Forms Class went by quickly. We ran a few laps to get our stretched out muscles loose and warm again; then started practicing forms. Master Peng taught me a new move for my Broadsword form (whose name is 梅花单刀) which involves jumping twice and I just worked on this single move the entire class. That is how different using a weapon feels for me. I can learn a few hand movements in one class but a weapon? I need time to get used to these basics and get used to combining these moves together while switching between stances. Who knew holding something in your hand could affect so much?

I am tired but what I'm really thinking about is how fast time is going by and how much I've been learning in this time. If I balance my study time and training time then I could come out of here knowing Kung Fu and some programming. That would be cool. Not to mention my Chinese is slowly getting better each day.

What an interesting place...

Evening Thoughts 💤

It's late and I'm tired. After the two hours of "lunch" it was time for the 10 km run (which right now is way less due to the virus) and then had to clean the main building and our bigger training hall which is finally getting workout equipment inside. Things like tires, punching bags, some workout machines, mats and Kung Fu weapons. It took a while to clean all of that but I feel it was worth it as now our Kung Fu school looks really nice.

I read some short Chinese stories until it was time for me to head to dinner. It was nice to unwind at the end of this difficult week. Me and a few of the other students stayed up late playing cards and making bread. (We all were still hungry) This late night writing does make me think, what will I do this weekend?

What are you all doing this weekend?


  1. Time is sure flying. I am at work this weekend but I have a few projects that i have started on and a few that i just finished. I recently did a upgrade to my PC with a new SSD, HDD, and GPU. so set with 4 TB of space and GTX 1660 ready for current gaming. also just picked up a 4 wheeler its a little old and needs a little work, but will help me get used to working on something different. i like the look you have with a sword, it looks like you are made for it.

    1. Dang Sam,

      That is a real nice update for your computer. I can't wait to upgrade mine when I get home. Hope the potato factory is treating you all well and glad to see you're still checking out this site! It really keeps me motivated to write.

      I hope I can learn more with the sword than just some cool poses but we will see.



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