March 1st - Envisioning Your Goal


Morning Thoughts

A beginning of a new month here in Maling Kung Fu School. Always cool in the mornings but after a nice cup of warm milk and a good breakfast of porridge, eggs and bread you feel a nice warmness in your stomach that prepares you for whatever the day may bring. The mornings here are always nice, whether it is eating breakfast with other "early birds" or just getting ready for another day's training, it has a feeling of preparing for a challenge or preparing to improve yourself on that day.

My morning devotional today talked about another good topic; envisioning your dream/goal. Not just thinking about it. What is the difference? Well, this actually goes with a video I watched recently where a Karate "Fighter" talked about his preparation towards this big fight and one of his ways of preparing was envisioning him entering the ring, entering the stadium, and more so that he is calmer when he actually gets there. Taking the time to either meditate or to think deeply ("envision") on how to accomplish your goal or dream is very different. Doing this helps you clear your mind of the doubts and problems in your way and also lets you plan other paths to reach your goal.

Everybody can do this in different ways whether you just relax, maybe you meditate or pray, and others... write.

It's a good way to find the path that will help you reach your goal.

The Kung Fu School

Evening Thoughts

My night is winding down. I was able to do some light training for dinner that was just focusing on footwork and finding my "comfortable" fighting stance because I realized one thing while trying to punch and kick the B.O.B. I have no clue how to fight/spar anymore. Sanda class has broken  me to a certain degree but also all of the other martial arts that I've done have made me confused as well. I was reflecting on my previous Sanda practices and other times sparring before I came here which made me see one critical problem that all of these sessions had in common... my mind is always working way too hard, thinking way too much. I'm not relaxed. So, I just moved around with what felt comfortable and natural to me while not focusing on a ruleset or style. Just trying to protect myself. Then I did pushups and jump rope for various rounds until I realized I was 10 minutes late to dinner.
My room where I listen to music and write these posts (Taken this Morning)
Now, I'm winding down as I usually do every Sunday. Listening to Jazz, writing my blog post, and stretching so that I can be ready for the next hard day of training. It really is funny to see how much my room has changed throughout my first month here. I'm slowly collecting things as people leave and I'm the go to guy for getting rid of food that no one else likes. People also asked me today how do I eat so much as I was the last person eating food today. I only had two bowls today. My response was, "I'm American, my Kung Fu Power is eating food!". It's probably because I'm still young and train a lot. If I'm not writing this or studying then I'm training in some way.

That is why I came here after all.

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Sunday nights really are relaxing.


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