March 15th - Six Weeks Later

JD did pretty good on my hair.

Morning Thoughts 🍡

It has been an interesting journey living here under "lock down". Yesterday, a bonfire happened for Philip's Birthday and, from what I heard, a lot of drinking was done with the students and the masters. I ended up doing some weight lifting while listening to Gunslinger Ballads late into the night.

Training is really enjoyable for me as it is something I can constantly improve on, I just wish I came here with even better flexibility as I've now realized how important good flexibility is for Shaolin Kung Fu. The front and side splits are such an important requirement for those that are in the Shaolin Temple as it makes doing every other move easier if you are able to do the splits. It also makes me happy that I chose an "easier" Kung Fu School to go to before I set off to a tougher school as I'd rather go at my own flexibility pace for a while longer as I'm making slow progress.

My life certainly has changed being here, I no longer need an alarm to wake up at 6am anymore. It is just habit. I don't have to worry about training around a work schedule as training is my job now. I don't eat as much junk food anymore because our diet here is completely different... though I do miss a good burger and some bacon every now and again. I also feel more relaxed here even with all the changes and minor obstacles that keep getting thrown at me because it is just a simple life here.

Spring Has Arrived

Evening Thoughts 🍜

And now another week will soon begin. A week full of training, pains, challenges and more. Sunday was a good relaxing day though. I managed to do a lot today; I stretched, studied, ate some good food (including εŒ…ε­ and ζ°΄ι₯Ί), studied Chinese, got a haircut, and more. It will be these relaxing days that I miss along with many other things once my time here is up because even though we are in "lock down" due to the virus, it is still fun being here.

Front Split Progress
Today, I talked a lot with Master Peng but it wasn't about martial arts or any kind of teaching. It was just about normal things; food, our travels, and things like that. I really enjoy trying to talk with the Masters as it not only gives me a chance to practice my Chinese but allows them to practice their English and to share a little of their culture or thoughts with me. I've even asked them questions about our training like, "Why do we do it this way?" or "Do you think this really helps us?" as I'm curious to see what their thoughts are.

It was also nice that Grand Master Bao let some of the students go outside and buy everyone else some "necessities" like fruits, snacks, drinks, toiletries and more. They even got us steamed buns and dumplings for dinner! Thanks Terina, Philip and Shilat.

Then the night ended with a shorter movie night which wasn't bad. Its a way for all of us to just unwind as tomorrow will be another rough day of training but... I feel ready for it.

Are you ready for the new week?

Reflection is key to progress


  1. Love love the haircut. You were starting to look a bit crazy :D Glad you all were able to get some essentials and extra treats. People here are going insane buying out everything. After 3 days of trying to get some tp as we were getting low I was finally able to buy some thanks to Target limiting people's purchases. Now food is starting to disappear off the shelves but it's been weird items not things that will last a long time. I highly doubt our water supply is going to dwindle but whatever. Guess I am glad that in the event that the world would be coming to an end your dad has always had a backup just in case of a tornado, flood or earthquake. :P Life here is good otherwise. Just making sure grandma is safe and away from anyone infected so we are not going back to Illinois just yet. We will be delaying that for a bit. We will still be getting the rugrats so that will be nice. :D Stay healthy and keep in contact with us. We love and miss you. Mom.


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