February 2nd - Sleeping Is the Hardest

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法


Names, Names, Names. I cannot get the names down but I will keep at it.

Nadia (Trains with me a lot)
JD (Still Tai Chi and Video Game Guy)
Matt (Austrailian Guy who asked me about Chinese)
Josh (Maybe room mate?)
Ali (The little Kid)
Phillip (The Head Stand Guy)

So, I think waking up will be the hardest part of my day as it is the one thing I do not want to do. I like sleeping, a lot. It is so comfortable and you can feel your body healing itself and if you sleep poorly, you just want to sleep more. This morning, I was so comfortable but I made myself wake up so that I could; make my bed, get dressed, drink my water, eat a banana, brush my teeth, fill up my water bottle and then go eat breakfast. Today, I was late to breakfast so I only had porridge and bread. No egg for me.

I should've brought some snacks or something while I'm resting as my body is used to way more food than this. I suppose that is apart of the challenge.

Training 🥋 训练/培训


Of course I trained today! Today I just did some stretching... actually a lot of stretching, even though it wasn't power stretching I focused on getting my legs warmed up in the morning and then later on in the afternoon I focused on the splits. It really is interesting how stretching can make your legs sore but can also help with soreness. Magical.

I also practiced a lot of forms. I did the "5 Step Form", a form that I don't know the name of, and then learned the group form thanks to three students: Ali, Josh and Nadia. The group form is really hard as you have to shout and speak while you are doing these moves while I don't really like doing that with any kind of training. I guess I don't like being loud.

It is a fun form but as I've said before, I can't get focused too much on one part of training. If I want the most out of this one year of experience then I need to do everything and train more than the rest so that I can maybe be the best or, at least, improve myself a lot.

Forms are only one part of our wide variety of training we do. The school also provides power stretching, power lifting, Kickboxing/Sanda, Forms, Take downs, other martial arts, conditioning, and more. It is a lot to take in but a few of the students seem to want to focus on some extra Sanda practice with me which is cool.

I'm sore and a little tired but I still have to study programming. I will.

What challenges are you preparing for?

-Johnny "白武龙"


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