January 6th - More Tone Training and Visa Rant

My Thoughts πŸ€” ζˆ‘ηš„ζƒ³ζ³•

My past couple days have been resting, studying, Tiger Balm and very light stretching. No working out, no muscle building, no kung fu practice. Just rest and study. Which has left me antsy and has let me realize how many little aches and pains I have in my knee, shoulder and back (all joints). It makes me wonder how I can help heal them early instead of continuing to hurt them. Maybe its all mental "ghost injuries" but we will see.

I also still have visa issues. I hope I can head to Shanghai during the Chinese New Year to see my girlfriend but this company that I'm going through hasn't been helping me very well. First it was I could get a 180 student visa, then it was I could get a 90 day student visa and now its I can get a 60 day non business visa... what ever that is. I tell ya, from what I've looked into visa wise I haven't heard of a 60 day non business visa. What that sounds like is the Tourist L visa but when we ask them what type of visa it is they just tell us "60 Day"... what does that mean? What kind of visa is it?

On a better note, I went with my dad to watch Ip Man 4: The Final Fight which, though a little political, was a good movie and I believe that some of the fights were really good while others were... eh. It was neat they included Bruce Lee into the movie and recreated his karate tournament fight to a T. Ip Man (Donnie Yen) is still his neutral self throughout the movie as he tries to find his kid a school in America but, knowing Ip Man, he just gets involved in trouble even though he doesn't want to. Scott Adkins did a good job playing the overly racist USMC drill sergeant but DANG did they make Americans look terrible in this movie. Overall an okay/good movie to watch if you want to see some cool fights and ignoring some of the "political" stuff in it. (I still think Ip Man 1 is one of the better movies in the series, including the spin offs)

How is your January going?

-Johnny "η™½ζ­¦ιΎ™"


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