January 4th - Relaxing and Recovery

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

Friday I bought some gloves from infinitude fight and they sent me an edited draft of what my gloves would look like. They didn't change anything besides making my red stamp smoother and they look great. I can't wait to get my hands on them. The gloves I bought were the Muay Thai Agile X gloves. They should be 14 ounces and will be my first pair of "professional" fighting/training gloves.

My family and I have been spending time together, mostly talking and playing games because yesterday I learned that I will be getting my visa on time. A little unbelievable but the wheels are slowly turning towards my achieving my goal of 2019. Going to Maling Shaolin Kung Fu School. I'm still skeptical if it really will be on time but there is excitement bubbling in the back of my head.

My back still hurts so I am still recovering and I hope next week I can start training again as I've found some nice gyms nearby and I have a nice training room here.

Study 🧠 学习

认真 rèn zhēn serious (形容词, Adjective)
清楚 qīng chu clear (形容词, Adjective)
水平shuǐ píng standard, level (名词, Noun)
提高 tí gāo to raise (动词, Verb)

Along with vocabulary I am also reviewing my tones as some things have become confusing to me as I'm learning more and more vocabulary.

时间 vs 世间
联系 vs  练习
出 vs 去 (chu vs qu)
虚 vs 书 (xu vs shu)

Since I use Pleco so often I am going to start using their color scheme to help me identify what tones are which.

1st jiān 间,一
2nd shí 时
3rd shǒu 手,五
4th xià 下

Another good video on practicing tones is this one by Jerry Teaches Chinese.
In this he talks about how we can use the same sound but with different tones to make a sentence and I think it is good practice!


How has your guys' first week of 2020 been?

 -Johnny "白武龙" Bái wǔ lóng


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