January 29th - 21st Birthday 生日快乐


My Thoughts 🎂 我的想法


I don't quite know what to think. This is my second birthday in China, my second Birthday in Shanghai. I remember my first Birthday in Shanghai my family and I played games together when we lived in Shanghai Center. I remember the Birthday before that I was in Illinois, I believe it was just me, my mom and my grandma. We didn't do much if I remember correctly. What I find odd is I don't remember my 18th Birthday but I remember my 17th Birthday was in California where my dad made it a ninja themed Birthday. It was just me, my mom and dad with the California sunshine and pool. Also, those cool push up lizards.


It has been really fun here in Shanghai. Though my plans here changed a lot because of the whole sickness thing, I've made the most of it. I should say we, my girlfriend and I, made the most of it as if I came to Shanghai alone I probably wouldn't have done much. I wouldn't have even learned to cook as much food as I did.

Hey Sam, if you're reading this, egg yolk is what turns the fried rice yellow. They put egg yolk a lot of egg yolk on the fried rice then, put oil in the wok, fry up their eggs and veggies and then lastly put in the rice. Depending on how much yolk and oil you use determines the yellowness.

It hasn't been a bad Birthday though. We're still going to cook food and then make 饺子 for tomorrow. I actually stretched this morning too!


My sister just called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. That was nice to see that they are all doing well and it was interesting to see that they still have snow but... that is what you get when living in Wisconsin.

As the day winds to a close I have a few last things I want to do:
  • Stretch before such a long train ride
  • Watch a cool movie with my girlfriend
  • Eat some cake
  • Eat some more cake
  • Re-pack my things
  • Sleep
I know this is quite a bit to do before it gets too late but I'd like to make the most of this time now so that later on tomorrow I'm not rushing. To be honest, I'm so glad I started this blog a few years back. It has allowed me to plot out my plan and the various thoughts I have all while reconnecting me with friends and family. I hope to continue this in the long run as well as expand my "adventure" more in the future but... that is a long time coming.


I've done most of the things on my list. I have to pack my things tomorrow but I've eaten plenty of food and stretched a little bit. Time to watch a movie and go to bed.

臊子面 sàozi miàn

Study 🧠 学习/复习

I wanted to just recap all of the words that I learned/studied while I was in Shanghai. Although I was exposed to many different characters and words I am only able to remember some of them. So after 8 days "immersed" this is all the words that I managed to study.

New Words 😎 新词

凉风嗖嗖嗖 Liáng fēng sōu sōu sōu Wind is really cold
抽屉 Chōu tì drawer
剪刀 jiǎn dāo scissors
重复 chóng fù to repeat
臭死了 chòu sǐ le smells really bad
麻辣烫 má là tàng
麻婆豆腐 má pó dòu fu
组合 zǔ hé combination
掌握 Zhǎng wò to master, to grasp
示范 shì fàn to set an example
蓝鲸 lán jīng blue whale
专心 zhuān xīn to concentrate
zhēng to steam
窗帘 chuāng lián Window Curtain
dǎng to block
编辑 biān jí to edit
韭菜 jiǔ cài Chinese Chives
珍珠 zhēn zhū Pearl
深蹲 shēn dūn Squat
俯卧撑 fǔ wò chēng Push Up

Review 📖 复习

牛肉粥 Niú ròu Zhōu Congee/Porriage
油条 Yóu tiáo Fried Bread ("Oil Sticks")
水果 Shuǐ guǒ Fruit
松饼 sōng bǐng Muffin
包子 bāo zi Buns
龙井茶 lóng jǐng chá LongJing Tea
牛奶 niú nǎi Milk
开水 kāi shuǐ boiled water
泡水 pào shuǐ carbonated water
烧水 shāo shuǐ to boil water
雪宝宝 xuě bǎo bǎo Snow Baby (like a snowman but smaller)

xīn nián kuài lè Wàn shì rú yì
Happy New Year, May many things go your way!

办理入住 Bàn lǐ rù zhù to check in
退房 tuì fáng to check out
to withdraw
cún to deposit
黑胡椒 hēi hú jiāo Black Pepper
声调 shēng diào Tone
shài to leave in the sun
黄油 huáng yóu Butter
奶酪 nǎi lào Cheese
奶油 nǎi yóu Cream
下载 xià zài Download
唱歌 chàng gē to Sing
Song (量词 - 首)
馒头 Mán tou Steamed Bread (Chinese Bread)

How has your guys' week been? Any weekend plans?

-Johnny "白武龙"


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