January 18th - Programming and Two Days Left

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

Two more days until I am in Chinaland. It is unbelievable... all that hard work paid off. Those days not eating lunches so that I could save money, budgeting really hard, all those overtime hours and changing my schedule to tackle any task. I believe that this is my next great adventure and the start of something big for me.

I don't know what the "big" thing will be but I hope I can continue to practice Kung Fu all the way to the Wudang Mountains or the Shaolin Temple. I think it would be cool to be able to do some of these great feats that you see these "Monks" do. I also think that practicing Kung Fu throughout my life will keep me healthy but also expose me to new people, cultures and experiences so that I can understand this world a little more.

I just want to be healthy and live long while doing cool things.

I've also found a couple websites that allow me to customize Kung Fu uniforms. They give you a few options like the color, material and size that you want. So far, I like the Black base with a Purple edge and green silk belt. Another simple color scheme that I like is an all grey cotton uniform with a green or black silk belt. This is kind of an homage to the Shaolin Warrior monks who wear grey robes with a black belt.

Although I own a set of warrior monk robes, I only wear them for pictures and occasionally for training as I'm no were close to being a warrior monk. I like to give respect to those in any kind of uniform as right now I'm just a wanna be monk. It may be a silly idea but I think it will be worth it when I can wear a grey robe as an actual warrior monk.

I'm slowly preparing myself mentally for my time in China. Spending time with my parents while I can while also trying to stay flexible and strong. My cardio is still weak but that is what this year at a Kung Fu School is for, right?

Exercise 💪 运动

Today, I plan to do full on flexibility training and cardio. Along with some light sparring. (Thanks dad!)

I want to start off with a good warm up.

I will do the modified "No Gym Workout".

I will then move into Kung Fu Stance Training. (NO SLACKING THIS TIME JOHNNY)

I will then move into Kung Fu Basic Training. (Basic Punches, Kicks, Blocks)

I will then move into High Kick Training on BOB.

I will then move into my 2 minute rounds of sparring on Bob until gassed.

I will then stretch some more to cool down.

I will then do recovery with some Tiger Balm and a good meal. (Don't forget your Hot Water)



Study 💻 学习(程序)

Woah, that's not a Chinese Language video! Yup, I decided I could also include my programming progress into my study sections of these blog posts. So, I've been learning how to use this program called Game Maker Studio 2 just so that I can get back into coding and the video game process. I've already made a simple astroids-like game now, I'm working on this "Farming RPG" where I am learning a lot of cool tricks. After I finish this long tutorial series, I have a couple more tutorial series saved that will teach me more skills that I could use to make my first project.

My first project is going to be a simple strategy game in an isometric view. Its not a Real Time Strategy but more-so a Real Time Tactics game. You'll be given a situation, you choose the squads that you want, give them equipment, deploy them and then battle it out. The soldiers that you'd choose all will look different and have their own stats. (hence the Farming RPG tutorial) A "simple" idea for a first project but I'd like to slowly add features to this base "combat game" so that it will have campaigns, unique soldiers, guns etc and a whole load of stuff. Before I do all that though I have to learn how to make basic games and then work towards my "Dream Game".

A bit ambitious as I still will be learning Chinese, Kung Fu, Calligraphy, and more while in China but I think 1 hour a day of programming will be worth it. (Maybe more hours on the weekends)

Daily Devotional ✞ 基督教

"Everything is possible for those who believe."
-Mark 9:23
I don't write about this often but I do read it almost every day. This passage can benefit anyone. Even those who are not religious as all this passage says is, those who believe. From my experience, that is all you have to do to be successful in whatever you are trying to do. You just have to believe that you can. But, what people don't get is that you have to believe that you can when things are at their best and at their worst

Maybe you believe in the skills that you possess.

Maybe you believe in yourself.

Maybe you believe in your deity.

Maybe you believe in the support your friends and family give you.

What ever it is that drives and supports you, you have to constantly believe in it through the good and the bad as this kind of belief will not only help your focus but will also strengthen your will power for future challenges and goals.

Believe in something and you'll go far.

Its the weekend! What are all of you doing?

-Johnny "白武龙"

PS: My dad wants to be called "红酒猪“ 🤣


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